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150 Years

  • From the Archives: Article II

    What better Delta Gamma artifact to start the sesquicentennial year with than Article II? The origin of Article II goes back to our very founding. The very first Constitution was written the night Delta Gamma was created. Anna, Eva and Mary were sitting on “Old father Noah”, the name they had given the large four-poster bed in their room when they decided to form a society for mutual helpfulness. Learn more about the story behind the formation of Article II.

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  • From the Archives: Centennial Quilt  

    In 1973, to celebrate Delta Gamma turning 100 years old, Officer Training Seminar (OTS) was held in Oxford, Mississippi, June 20–26. Kathryn Bell Gray, Mu-Missouri, who served as Fraternity President from 1972–1973, asked delegates to participate in a quilting bee as part of the centennial celebration. Learn more about one of the largest items in the Archives, the Centennial Quilt.

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  • From the Archives: The First Delta Gamma Cookbook  

    The first Delta Gamma cookbook was proposed to help fund Delta Gamma’s scholarship program. This project was led by the Minneapolis alumnae chapter. Compiled from recipes sent in by members, it was published in 1912. Learn more about the first Delta Gamma Cookbook, which features several recipes from two of our Founders.

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  • From the Archives: The First Alumnae Chapter

    The story of Delta Gamma’s first alumnae chapter reflects an important cultural moment in the United States in the 19th century. Learn more about the history of Delta Gamma's first alumnae group, featuring an article published in the Cleveland Press in 1968, which details some of the remarkable history of the first alumnae chapter.

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  • From the Archives: Lewis School Door

    Sometimes, the most seemingly mundane, everyday object can have an extraordinary history and symbolism. This is the case with this door from the Lewis School. Learn more about one of the oldest artifacts in the Frances Lewis Stevenson Archives at Executive Offices.

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  • From the Archives: The First Delta Gamma Songbook

    Music and songs have been a part of the history of Delta Gamma from its very early days. The publication of the first Delta Gamma songbook came after several years of discussion and frequent changes in who was responsible for its compilation and publication. While some of this early history is murky much of it can be traced through the Convention minutes.

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  • Let’s Spell it Together: S-E-S-Q-U-I-C-E-N-T-E-N-N-I-A-L

    Since 1881, Delta Gammas have gathered at Convention with the purpose of accomplishing the business of the Fraternity and shaping its future direction. Sigma-Northwestern collegians summarized their 1902 Convention attendance aptly: “Perhaps the best lesson that Convention teaches us all ... is to work not only for the good of our individual chapters but also for the good of our Fraternity as a whole.” Days and evenings are punctuated by banquets, speeches, the sweet melody of Delta Gamma songs and reveling in sisterhood.

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  • 2022 Convention Awards

    2022 Convention Awards On Saturday, June 25 2022, Delta Gamma Fraternity presented and celebrated the 2022 Convention Award winners. Below you will find a description of each award and the award recipients. George Banta Award Recognizing collegiate chapters that have been established for between two and five years, the George Banta Award honors a young […]

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