Recruitment is a rush! 

Remember the rush of emotions during recruitment season? Well, today’s collegians experience all of the recruitment feels both in-person and online. TikTok, workshops and prep morale are just a few of the tasks at hand. It can feel like a full-time job!

The award-winning ANCHORA of Delta Gamma is a quarterly magazine that has been published continuously since 1884. The mission of the magazine is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire readers. Our articles and features focus on subjects relevant to the Fraternity, our members and Fraternity/Sorority life. The magazine aims to encourage members’ lifetime involvement and do good spirit and serves as a permanent record of Fraternity history.

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We want to amplify your voice

To create this publication, Delta Gamma needs the help of our members and alumnae. There are several ways to be contribute to the ANCHORA:

  • Submit Story Ideas: Use this form to submit ideas, Cable Connection submissions and feature story suggestions. You can also submit photos through this form.
  • Update a Subscription: By using your secure log in on this site you will be able to update your address or opt in to the electronic version of the ANCHORA.
  • Email: DG accepts photos that have been emailed straight from the camera/phone that are not compressed or cropped. Emailed photos should NOT be embedded into the body of an email or a Microsoft Word document; they should be files that are attached to the email. Send emails to:
  • Mail: Hard copies may also be submitted to: Delta Gamma Executive Offices, attn: ANCHORA, 3250 Riverside Dr., Columbus, OH 43221-0397
  • Provide Feedback: You can also email with feedback or letters to the editor if there is a specific issue or article you need to access.

Photo Guidelines

  • Any photos submitted should be at least 300 dpi/ppi (usually 1 MB or larger).
  • Most photos taken with a phone will not be in a high resolution. Photos may not include any drinking glasses, cups, cans or bottles, regardless of the subjects’ age.
  • Opt for quality action shots and photos of small groups or individuals of two to 10 people.
  • Photos of the Delta Gamma salute are rarely used. Do not send copyrighted photos. All pictures and articles submitted are the property of Delta Gamma Fraternity.
  • They are subject to use and publication in all Delta Gamma materials.
  • These photos may be used for speeches, presentations, the Delta Gamma website, Delta Gamma’s social media, an extension website, brochures and videos.
  • All photos should include chapter name in the title of the photo. Also, include the name of your chapter/group in text form, (i.e.: collegians from Beta-Washington or alumnae of Chicago West Suburban).
  • Include full names, if possible.

ANCHORA Archives

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