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Contact: Mallory Borino, Director of Marketing and Communications,

Delta Gamma Announces Digital Archives Project

Columbus, Ohio [February 20, 2024]— In honor of the sesquicentennial milestone, Delta Gamma Fraternity has partnered with HistoryIT to digitize over 150 years of archival treasures currently stored and displayed at Executive Offices (EO). This project will span over four years and will help ensure the long-term preservation of the history of Delta Gamma.

“History gives us a connected past and a shared identity.” Said Fraternity Archivist and Historian Diane Hall, Eta Upsilon-Drexel. “That is why its preservation is so important. The history of the Do Good Sisterhood has been carefully safeguarded for 150 years. For those 150 years, Delta Gamma has touched so many lives and our members have contributed to the world in extraordinary ways. Now, our members will have access to this vast history at their fingertips. It is awe-inspiring as a historian to be a part of an organization that cares so deeply about its past. To be able to make it accessible to all members of truly remarkable. This kind of project is a dream come true for any historian and I feel so honored to be part of such an amazing work.”

Up to this point, a fraction of the items have been displayed for visitors at Executive Offices in Columbus, Ohio. And while a future state-of-the-art museum at Executive Offices is underway, members and the public will soon be able to access the entire archive via an online searchable database curated by History IT.

"Delta Gamma's dedication to saving and sharing their history is truly admirable. By digitally preserving the entirety of the Fraternity's archives, countless new stories and new connections will be made available to anyone, anywhere. 
We are honored that Delta Gamma has trusted our team with safeguarding their history and sharing it with the world. We look forward to developing a digital museum that showcases 150 years of the Do Good Sisterhood and inspires future generations." 

— Kristen Gwinn-Becker, Founder & CEO of HistoryIT 

HistoryIT has already been digitizing all prior issues of the ANCHORAs, going back to the first issue from April 1884. Those and 400 other objects from the archives that HistoryIT digitized to begin building the online database were funded through the Delta Gamma Foundation.

While this project is underway, archive materials will be safely stored offsite during the renovation of Executive Offices. The digital archive will be unveiled at the 71st Biennial Convention held in Palm Desert, California June 26-30, 2024.

About Delta Gamma: Delta Gamma Fraternity was founded in 1873 at Lewis School in Oxford, Mississippi. The Fraternity’s primary purpose is to foster high ideals of friendship, promote educational and cultural interests, create a true sense of social responsibility and develop the best qualities of character. Delta Gamma has more than 260,000 initiated members, 149 collegiate chapters and more than 160 alumnae groups. Delta Gamma Fraternity Executive Offices is in Columbus, Ohio.

About Delta Gamma Foundation: Incorporated in 1951, the Delta Gamma Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed as a complement to the Delta Gamma Fraternity, creating a vehicle for members to promote the educational interests and social responsibility referenced in Article II of the Fraternity Constitution. The Delta Gamma Foundation fosters lifetime enrichment for members, promotes Service for Sight and partners with the Fraternity to ensure the future of our sisterhood.