Unwavering Support

Before our Founders chose our Greek letters or our badge, they had a clear mission – to do good. The most meaningful way you can ensure that Delta Gamma continues to share this message with our members, our community and the campuses we call home is through your unwavering support.

As members of the Do Good Sisterhood, we know that when we give back to our organization, it continues to impact the lives of sisters for years to come. No matter if you contribute annually or become Loyally Anchored through our lifetime dues program, your impact on the Fraternity is immeasurable. Above are the various types of support.

“I often think about those women who have come before me, those who helped make my Delta Gamma experience possible. I pay my alumnae dues to contribute in a way that often goes unseen, but is essential in helping maintain the infrastructure that keeps the Fraternity healthy, thereby creating possibilities for an enriching and meaningful experience. Every year I choose to pay it forward for those who come after me. It is the least I can do to help the organization that has given me so much!”

Staige Davis Hodges, Beta Theta-Duke

“Delta Gamma is a constant resource for me. Whether I’m browsing the latest ANCHORA, watching a library webinar or connecting with sisters in new spaces, I am always finding opportunities to learn and grow. I support Delta Gamma through per capita dues because I want current and future members to have access to the opportunities I’ve enjoyed.”

Caroline Arias, Gamma Alpha-Tennessee

Questions about alumnae dues? Read this FAQ about dues payments or email alumnaedept@deltagamma.org.

Payment of alumnae dues to Delta Gamma Fraternity are not tax-deductible.