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  • Foundation: The Rox Report – Erin’s Story

    Last fall, the Camp Fire, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history, killed over 85 people and burned over 14,000 homes. The fire ripped through places like Paradise, CA, a small town of about 26,000 people, obliterating everything in its path. Read The Rox Report to learn how one Delta Gamma escaped the fire in Paradise and how the Delta Gamma Foundation is giving her and her family hope when everything else was lost.

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  • Foundation: The Rox Report – They Call it Puppy Love

    In this edition of the Rox Report, Foundation Executive Director Roxanne LaMuth, focuses on the fluffier part of our philanthropy! Delta Gammas cannot resist an adorable guide dog, but there is so much more to these incredible dogs than just a cute face. Read on to learn more about a few of the guide dog organizations Delta Gamma supports through volunteering and fundraising.

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  • Foundation: The Rox Report – Changing Lives… One Sister at a Time

    With your generous support, you are changing lives, one sister at a time. On behalf of Ayla, Maia, Sofia and the Delta Gamma Foundation, we say thank you for your investment in our sisterhood. We are sisters working together for life in spirit and support. Sisters for Life…isn’t that what Delta Gamma is all about?!

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  • Foundation: The Rox Report – For Hope. For Strength. For Life.

    Patricia “Pat” Skoles Downard, Alpha Lambda-Drake, was one of the special sisters who received the treasured silk rose and letter for 75 years of membership. Art Downard, Pat’s Anchor Man of 70 years, took the time to write Staci to tell her the impact this beautiful gesture had on his wife and how Delta Gamma truly continues to be something Pat cherishes to this day.

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  • Foundation: The Rox Report – Working Together in Spirit and Support

    As Delta Gammas, working together to "Do Good" is one of the greatest things we can do in times of need. With the recent devastation left from Hurricane Harvey, it is important to remember that we are a circle of united women that embrace one another with encouragement, reinforcement and sisterly love. We are sisters for life, supporting each other through all life stages and in times of need.

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  • Foundation: The Rox Report – Nikki and Connor

    Nikki Brewer, Beta Mu-Bowling Green suffered a severe stroke at the age of 37 affecting her right side which left her without speech and an essential need to learn to walk again. Nikki received an Anchor Grant from the Foundation to help with her rehabilitation.

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