Financial Literacy for Delta Gammas

When we think of health and safety, often the things that come to mind are healthy eating, physical fitness, mental wellbeing, peace of mind in our homes or having a safety-tested vehicle. How often do you think of financial planning and personal finance as key to your health and safety? We want you to feel empowered to educate yourself and become more confident in talking about money, planning for your future and being an independent decision-maker related to your financial health. By educating yourself and making informed decisions, you will find financial well-being possible.  

Funded by the Delta Gamma Foundation, these resources are designed just for Delta Gamma members, to assist you in gaining confidence in your own finances. Simply click into each section to explore the specific modules with resources, videos and other helpful information to learn at your own pace. 

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Hope Serving

The Hope Serving: Service-Learning Experience offers both collegiate and alumnae Delta Gammas the opportunity to participate in hands-on service related to our service for sight mission and develop as leaders on a local, regional and (inter)national level. The Hope Serving program encourages learning and critical thinking through hands-on service, community involvement, civic and social justice education.

 As a result of the Hope Serving experience, each participant will be able to:

  • Describe and emulate the Service for Sight mission.
  • Engage in lifelong service endeavors.
  • Create collumnae relationships.
  • Assess how Service for Sight impacts her as an individual.
  • Convey a rich understanding of the population served, and how this understanding parallels her sisterhood experience. 
  • Develop and articulate a deeper understanding of herself. 

Lewis Institute

Lewis Institute provides students with the opportunity to explore values congruence, identify their leadership style and strengths, understand successful approaches to conflict and develop an action plan or vision focused on systemic issues resulting in positive change.

Delta Gamma recognizes the significance of developing our members’ leadership capacity and the purposeful learning that occurs through values-based leadership programs. As a result, the Delta Gamma Fraternity and Foundation are committed to fund one woman from each collegiate chapter to attend the Lewis Institute. Check out this video from a past session of Lewis Institute.

Living Carefully Series

In accordance with our Risk Management Philosophy, we seek to educate collegians on making empowered choices. The Living Carefully Series launched in fall 2015 thanks to a grant from the Delta Gamma Foundation, with two programs that educate using tangible examples and programming:

The Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) is unlike most alcohol programs because it acknowledges that college students drink. Rather than trying to impose abstinence on college students, it recognizes that any steps towards risk reduction are steps in the right direction.

ASTP is designed to provide drinkers and nondrinkers with information regarding alcohol use and its associated consequences. It provides individuals with the skills needed to reduce risky use and/or abstain from alcohol use all together.

Delta Gamma is committed to providing our collegiate members with unparalleled education opportunities and resources. All Delta Gamma chapters will receive ASTP every three years.

Anchored in Courage

This program was developed to encourage social responsibility and help promote human dignity, while ultimately supporting each of Delta Gamma’s efforts to live the Fraternity’s values. As a part of the Anchored in Courage series, every Delta Gamma chapter receives the Human Dignity workshop on a three-year rotation. This two-hour learning experience includes interactive activities, large group discussions led by a facilitator, small group activities organized by the lead facilitator, private reflection, and one-on-one conversations among participants. The Workshop will be a conversation about sisterhood, how we treat ourselves and others, and reminder of what it means to do good. 

Additionally, The Courage Award recognizes members, new members and higher education professionals who find the courage to stand up to protect their dignity and/or that of others. Learn more about the Courage Award process in the DG Library.

Mental Health

Delta Gamma is deeply committed to supporting our sisters’ mental health. Multiple programs empower members to engage with their mental health including opportunities to become trained in Mental Health First Aid and QPR, a suicide prevention framework. Delta Gamma also partners with Behind Happy Faces to provide educational opportunities around topics of mental wellness and supporting sisters who may be experiencing a mental health challenge. In addition to these programs, Delta Gamma also has further mental health resources available to all members in our Mental Health Resource Guide, as well as a guide to support a sister who may have experienced racial harm.

Our Partnership with OneStudent

Delta Gamma is committed to creating a Culture of Care – one that supports women and gives them the resources they need to confront sexual violence. One in five women will be sexually assaulted by the time they graduate college, according to The Campus Sexual Assault (CSA) Study. Delta Gamma partnered with One Student to help lead the conversation on consent and sexual empowerment. Through this partnership we are committed to providing resources to empower our collegiate and alumnae members. Click here to view a webinar from Kelly & Becca, founders of One Student.

Creating a Culture of Consent     |     Supporting Survivors     |     Raising Respectful Humans