Delta Gamma members belong to a sisterhood of more than 260,000 initiated members across the globe who share the vision of “Doing Good” and are invested in each other’s success. Every member is unique and yet they all share a single bond of friendship through Delta Gamma.

Delta Gamma is more than just a collegiate experience; it is a lifetime of commitment, support and opportunity. While a member’s collegiate experience may include fun social events, chapter meetings and leadership opportunities, her Delta Gamma experience will grow into something much more. When a Delta Gamma looks for her first professional job, when she expands her family, or when she moves to an unfamiliar city; Delta Gamma will be a part of her story.

Joining our Sisterhood

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Delta Gamma recruits most new collegiate members during an organized process on college campuses called primary recruitment. The exact dates and process are determined by the collegiate Panhellenic organization or the Fraternity/Sorority Affairs office on each campus. If a chapter has vacancies at any time during the year, Delta Gamma may recruit informally in a process called Continuous Open Bidding or COB. This is a great opportunity to get to know members in a more casual manner. To learn if Delta Gamma is participating in COB, contact the local collegiate chapter or campus Fraternity/Sorority Affairs office. Delta Gamma is also proud to offer an invitation of membership to select women who are interested in joining our sisterhood after their collegiate years through our Alumna Initiate Program.

Delta Gamma is proud to have 149 collegiate chapters and over 140 alumnae groups. View our Chapter Locator to find a chapter near you.


It is a clear expectation of Delta Gamma Fraternity that each member will strive to reach her full scholastic potential. With the pressure on today’s college students—school, family, friends, work, extracurricular activities plus planning for a future—it is often difficult to find a balance. Delta Gamma requires its members to maintain at least a “C” college average. Each chapter also develops its own scholarship program to support members’ academic success.

Delta Gamma makes education a high priority. To support this ideal and make college more affordable, the Delta Gamma Foundation offers scholarship and fellowship opportunities for its members, merit-based scholarships and fellowships and Sisters Helping Sisters: Need-Based Scholarships.

Membership in Delta Gamma

Being a Delta Gamma is more than joining a chapter of our Fraternity. Joining Delta Gamma is the first step in developing a life-long sisterhood and bonds with women who want to make the world a better place. Delta Gamma is proud that each member is valued for her individuality. We are looking for women who will bring the qualities that our members themselves hold near and dear, such as:

  • The best qualities of character
  • Aspiration to belong to an organization with high ideals of friendship
  • Educational and cultural interests
  • A true sense of social responsibility
  • A desire to develop on a personal level

Returning to Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma is so much more than just your best college memories. Membership in Delta Gamma is meant to be life-long, but we know obstacles may arise that prevent you from being as active as you had hoped. If you resigned your membership and are hoping to return to Delta Gamma, we invite you to apply for Membership Reinstatement.

Learn more about how to stay engaged with Delta Gamma as an alumna on our Alumnae page!