Recommend a Potential New Member

All are welcome to recommend young women who embrace the values of Delta Gamma Fraternity for membership. Recommendations allow for Delta Gammas to learn more about a potential new member’s character and values prior to recruitment.

Recommendations should be made using our online Recommendation Form. Both members and non-members can log in or create a login to complete our endorsed Recommendation Form and submit information directly to the appropriate collegiate chapter.

For current questions about the Recommendation Form, please consult our Guide to Recommendations. For additional questions not covered in this resource, email 


A legacy is a great-granddaughter, granddaughter, daughter, sister or the same step-relation of a Delta Gamma member. Though all potential new members (PNMs) are given the same consideration during recruitment, current members can celebrate with their legacies who join Delta Gamma at Bid Day, Initiation and through other DG events throughout both of their memberships. To learn more about why all potential new members receive equal consideration, regardless of legacy status, read this FAQ.