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What does sharing your sisterhood look like?

By: Hannah H., Delta Pi-Southern Mississippi

All of us in some way have felt the impact of the pandemic. While we are struggling to find ways to adapt from these impacts, we were confronted with the necessary reminder of the longstanding systemic and institutional racism impacting our world (and our organization) today.

These times have left many of us feeling lonely, worried, outraged, scared, frustrated, exhausted and so many other emotions. 

Perhaps it has even left us feeling hopeless. 

Feeling hopeless that BIPOC will ever find true equality in our lifetime. Feeling hopeless that we’ll ever return to our former schedules and activities.

Often, I think about our Founders’ creation of the “DG Club.” They were away from family, feeling isolated and defeated. Discussing their dreams and hopes during a seemingly dim and hopeless circumstance of being stuck at school during winter break due to circumstances out of their control. I like to imagine the conversations they likely had about men’s fraternity groups near them that they observed receiving benefits and opportunities from their membership in the late 1800s when women didn’t have access to those same advantages. Their deep desire to have those experiences for themselves. Their deep desire for the women around them to have those experiences. The longing of experiencing the development, growth and bond that comes with being part of a fraternity.

I feel empowered as I think of how  vulnerable they might have been with one another; authentically sharing their dreams, hopes and goals. Goals that ultimately lead to the creation of an organization that, today, is dedicated to making an impact in the areas of leadership development, advocacy, service to the visually impaired community, and equality within communities and campuses.

While our Fraternity has done so much good for the visually impaired community and in the lives of our individual members, the pursuit of doing good is never done and was never meant to be done. What started with three women on one campus continues to grow and adapt to be an organization that is committed to eliminating inequities and recruiting women who uphold our shared values.

We have much work left to do in order to continue to push past the barriers that exist both inside and outside of Delta Gamma. We must tap into our collective power to strengthen our sisterhood to be true champions of the do good message.

Sisters, we need you to help fan the flame kindled that December day long ago. Sharing your sisterhood with others allows us to reach potential new members who can partner with us to do the work of last progress. 

Join me in sharing your sisterhood. Not sure how? Follow some of these steps:

  1. Post this video to spread the true meaning of sisterhood. It was created by Delta Gamma with a call to action to “join a sisterhood.”
  2. Connect with high school seniors or unaffiliated college students collegiate women you know (maybe they’re your babysitter, coworker’s relative, neighbor, etc.) to encourage them to participate in the recruitment process regardless of what that might look like for their schools.
  3. Tell your sisterhood story! Whether on your social media channels or to the recent high school grad who lives across the street, now more than ever, potential new members (PNMs) need to hear about the value of sisterhood. Talk about why you joined a sisterhood and how it has impacted you. Share about why you joined a sisterhood and how it has impacted you.
  4. Promote recruitment registration for any college campuses near you. You can utilize the College Panhellenic locator to find a university’s College Panhellenic information. For some, sorority is an experience they haven’t heard much about or ever considered joining. With your help, we can reach more women and tell them about our authentic experience and the priceless benefits of sorority membership.
  5. Encourage PNMs to follow the College Panhellenic and each sorority chapter at their university on social media. See our list of Delta Gamma collegiate chapter Instagram accounts. (note: some chapters update their account usernames regularly)
  6. Promote Delta Gamma’s new recruitment-specific website created to provide information PNMs need to know about sorority membership.
  7. Share Delta Gamma’s posts! Our Fraternity is providing support and sisterhood during this time with programming, mental wellness tips, and personal connection opportunities. Repost or share content that is meaningful to you and why you find it meaningful. This helps the content reach further than only Delta Gamma’s audience.
  8. Reconnect with your essential sisterhood by following the Fraternity on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated on what is happening within our sisterhood. You can also reconnect via email by ensuring your contact information is correct by going to the My Profile section of 

While taking these actions, it's important to highlight the benefits of joining a sisterhood and not to criticize or speak poorly about other Panhellenic organizations. Learn more about spreading a positive Panhellenic message here.

Together, with all our Delta Gamma sisters, we can work together to recruit the next generation of visionary and courageous members to dream, hope and put our purpose into action.

Together we can become an unstoppable force for good.