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I became a Chapter Consultant for Phi Mu after my chapter at Hanover College hosted a consultant who worked with us during our recruitment.  I thought Patty was the most amazing woman I ever met!  Little did I know that the decision to travel and  help our chapters develop across the country would result in my passion for working with our collegiate and alumnae members.   While I cite member development, leadership opportunities and philanthropic giving as my motivation for giving volunteer time to my organization, ultimately it's the sisterhood that keeps me engaged.   I have "sisters" within my organization and with Panhellenic women across the miles and years who hold the most special place in my heart. #IAmASororityWoman

Beth Monnin

National President

Phi Mu

As a double legacy, I went to college knowing I would join a sorority. What I didn’t know was how impactful that experience would be and how my membership would shape the woman I am today. Each moment of my sisterhood has enlightened my spirit, broadened my understanding, driven me to reach for greater success, created a foundation of giving back to my community and encouraged me to embrace experiences with graceful enthusiasm! #IAmASororityWoman   

Rie Gerah Hoehner 

International President 

Alpha Gamma Delta

Ever since joining the Theta Phi Alpha sisterhood, I’ve been guided by the values listed in our creed to remind me of the best path forward through career decisions, friendships, motherhood and now as National President. I’ll always treasure the lifelong bonds I have with my sisters and for these reasons I proudly share that #IAmASororityWoman.

Laura Foley 

National President

Theta Phi Alpha

I have volunteered for Phi Sigma Sigma for more than 20 years because I passionately believe in the benefits of the sorority experience.  As the international president, my goal is to promote a supportive culture where our collegiate and alumnae members can aim high and achieve their goals.  The organization’s values and ritual have helped shape who I am, and I am grateful for the opportunity to give back.  #IAmASororityWoman

Alicia Scott


Phi Sigma Sigma