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Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? Yes, I talk about eating nutritiously all the time but now it is time to get specific! This month is all about creating awareness of food choices and making a routine of eating nutrient-dense foods all day long. Follow these tips to add more nutrients into your meals.

Use the colors of your plate to become aware of how healthy your meal truly is! The more colors you include in your dish the higher the nutrients included. Strive to include at least 3 colors of the rainbow in each meal.

Look at all the color in this Jar


Make vegetables your largest proportion in every meal. Okay, maybe not every. If you don’t have a vegetable in it then be sure you are eating a fruit. Vegetables should be the #1 food group you eat daily. If I were to ask you if it were and you hesitated….increase your amount!

Don’t forget the beans and nuts/seeds daily. Beans and nuts/seeds are protein and fiber packed with a bunch of necessary calories. Just watch your proportion to make your calories meet your health goal.

Here is a great food pyramid to achieve meals high in nutrients and achieve fullness all day long while stepping toward or maintaining health!

How will you add in more nutrients to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner this week?

Kristen Gebhart, Gamma Rho-Wittenberg, has always had a passion for health.  As the lead NuStart coach and trainer, Kristen facilitates discussions and training on lifestyle strategies in the areas of nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management.