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The Order of the Delta Gamma Rose - The Order of the Delta Gamma Rose is the highest award presented by the Fraternity, honoring alumnae who have made distinguished contributions to their nation and/or the world. Recipients are renowned in their chosen fields, and MUST have received (inter)national recognition because of their individual efforts and talents. Ann Glossup Bordelon, Alpha Omega-Arkansas, received the Order of the Delta Gamma Rose Award in 2015 as recognition for her unparalleled excellence in both the national and international business world, having reached the apex of an impressive career while being an immeasurable credit to our beloved Fraternity. Ann worked as senior vice president and chief financial officer for both Sam’s Club and Walmart Asia. She was a board member for Walmart Mexico and is the immediate past senior vice president of finance and strategy-U.S. Operations. Her success is underscored by her membership in the International Women’s Forum, as a member of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Women’s Leadership Board, the Sam W. Walton College of Business Dean’s Executive Advisory Board and her work with the International Accounting Standards Board. Also, Ann always finds time for Delta Gamma, having served on our Foundation Board of Trustees with great devotion and applied acumen. Ann is truly a deserving recipient of the Order of the Delta Gamma Rose Award.

Do Ann’s successes and contributions sound like the actions of another alumna you know? Nominate her for the Rose Award! You can find Rose Award instructions here.

The Shield Award - The Shield Award recognizes alumnae who have achieved unique and noteworthy distinctions through leadership and verifiable accomplishments in their chosen fields of professional expertise. Dr. Karla Treckel Mugler, Gamma Epsilon-Kent State, received the Shield Award in 2015 in recognition of her leadership as apowerful force in higher education and an inspiration to thousands of students across the country. Karla views education as the key to helping prepare students for careers and further education, as well as a means to support their families and contribute to the world. She served as dean of University College for the

University of Akron and influenced women throughout Ohio as a leader in the Ohio Women’s Network. Karla’s brand of “Do Good” has led her to become a respected leader on transfer and veteran’s initiatives for the Ohio Board of Regents, as well as the Association of Deans and Directors of University Colleges. Karla’s distinguished career highlights her genuine ability to guide and mentor students in a university environment. We are so proud to call her “sister.”  

Do Karla’s successes and contributions sound like the actions of another alumna you know? Nominate her for the Shield Award! You can find Shield Award instructions here.

The Loyalty Award - The Loyalty Award recognizes alumnae who have continued to serve the Fraternity for at least 10 years following recognition with the Fraternity’s Cable Award. This alumna is a woman who exhibits extraordinary commitment and distinctive dedication to Delta Gamma. Paula Jean Ellwein, Alpha Lambda-Drake, received the Loyalty Award in 2015 recognizing her incredible, continued commitment to Delta Gamma following her receipt of Fraternity’s Cable Award in 1996. She subsequently served as a Council Appointed Coordinator for both Epsilon Mu-William and Mary and Eta Mu-Lake Forest. She also served as secretary for the Delta Gamma Society of Minnesota, president and director-at-large for the 125###sup/sup###Anniversary Committee for Lambda-Minnesota and as a member of the Awards Committee. Paula continues to “Do Good” whenever an opportunity presents itself – epitomizing what “loyalty” to Delta Gamma truly is.

Do Paula’s successes and contributions sound like the actions of another alumna you know? Nominate her for the Loyalty Award! You can find Loyalty Award instructions here.

The Cable Award - The Cable Award recognizes alumnae who, through years of serving Delta Gamma, have evidenced unusual loyalty and devotion far beyond normal alumnae participation.Elizabeth Blackburn Reece, Epsilon Gamma-Virginia, received the Cable Award in 2015 in recognition of her incredible leadership in the Northern Virginia alumnae chapter for more than 10 years. Elizabeth is best known for her cheerful, “Do Good” attitude and her commitment to furthering the chapter’s goals. Her alumnae activities included serving in many executive board roles, ranging from chapter president to vice president: membership, 2004 Convention publicity chairman and as the long-running chair of the chapter’s iconic, annual Holiday Cards for Foundations fundraiser. Elizabeth is also a recipient of the Katie Hale Award, which recognizes loyalty, friendship and devotion to the Northern Virginia alumnae chapter.

Do Elizabeth’s successes and contributions sound like the actions of another alumna you know? Nominate her for the Cable Award! You can find Cable Award instructions here.

The Oxford Award - The Oxford Award recognizes alumnae who exemplify the Delta Gamma philosophy of community service through volunteer and philanthropic activities. Recipients bring a sense of pride to their alumnae groups through outstanding community efforts and involvement. Lucinda Rice-Petrie, Mu-Missouri, received the Oxford Award in 2015 in recognition of her lifetime commitment to “Doing Good” as a tireless volunteer and philanthropic powerhouse. Her leadership in the Greater Kansas City alumnae chapter’s fundraising projects, from the House Tour to the Poinsettia Sale and the Plant Sale, is legendary. Her outstanding commitment to the community garnered her recognition as the 2004 Historic Kansas City Volunteer Service Award recipient. She was also made the 2007 Honorary Member of the Kansas City Young Matrons for exceptional service, and has received numerous other accolades for her volunteer spirit. Lucinda has contributed mightily to her chapter of Initiation, serving on the House Corporation Board with distinction meriting her receipt of the Eurethe Grant Doane Alumnae Award from the Mu House Corporation in 2011. Lucinda makes all who know her proud to say, “Why, yes, she is a Delta Gamma – and she is my sister!”

Do Lucinda’s successes and contributions sound like the actions of another alumna you know? Nominate her for the Oxford Award! You can find Oxford Award instructions here.