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Sharing Your Voice: I Am A Sorority Woman


In 2013, we started a campaign called I Am A Sorority Woman, encouraging members of all sororities, not just Panhellenic ones, to showcase the ways in which they defy the stereotypes of what it means to be a sorority woman. This seeks to connect sororities and their members under one common goal, regardless of our letters. 

For those of you who have followed our I Am A Sorority Woman campaign for the past seven years, thank you! And for those who are new to the campaign and are unfamiliar, welcome! Sorority women are strong leaders, involved community members, steadfast friends and passionate advocates. 

This year, we have seen sorority women continually participating in the conversations about COVID-19 and social justice. They are joining peaceful protests; standing up for equal access to health care; starting their own companies to perpetuate equality and eradicate racism; donating face masks and hand sanitizer; volunteering their time to support elderly and disabled individuals in isolation because of the pandemic; speaking up on their college campuses to create change in the historically racist institutions of fraternity/sorority life and higher education; and so much more. 

Sorority women across the globe are standing out as changemakers and are doing so more publicly than ever before. However, we know that there are some sororities that have been committed to these important issues for quite some time now, and we are committed to sharing their members’ voices and perspectives. While we all are participating in these conversations and social change, we also need to pause and listen to those who have been working toward a more just and equitable society for many years.

We want to shift the focus for this year’s 8th annual I Am A Sorority Woman campaign. We hope to be able to highlight the voices of sorority women who have marginalized identities, providing them a platform to tell real stories about how their sorority experiences have positively impacted the world around them.

For our 2020 I Am A Sorority Woman campaign, we’re inviting members of all sororities to bring attention to how sorority women are using this new virtual landscape to make meaningful change in their communities. No matter what letters you wear, we want to hear what you have to say.

Follow along using #IAmASororityWoman on social media and use that hashtag in your personal posts through the month of August to join in the conversation!