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During Convention this summer, we installed a new Council. Kate Stanton, Alpha Iota-Oklahoma, is Council Trustee: Programming. Kate is serving her second term in this role, get to know her below!


Can you tell us about your family?

My loving parents gave me many gifts. One of those gifts is a sister who married a wonderful man from Australia. Together they gave me a niece, adopted from China, who is my heart and favorite 4th grader. From cousins who are sibling-like to aunts and uncles who hold my heart to my “chosen family” members, always ready for a trip or celebration, my family is a present that keeps on giving!

Why did you join DG?

Easy question. The Delta Gammas made me laugh. To this day, I remember standing in the Alpha Iota chapter house library looking across the room at all the young women laughing. I felt comfortable. I felt I could be me and the me I wanted to be. Today, those young women laughing in the Library remain, in good times and in bad, my nearest and dearest.

What about your undergraduate university made you choose to go to school there?

As corny as it sounds, I simply knew the moment I stepped on campus, I would be a Sooner. The first time I visited campus was a beautiful fall, November day, in Norman, Oklahoma. Students were rollerblading and eating bagels - it was the 90s! There was an energy on campus, a family connection, and I wanted to be part of it. Mother always told me, “Listen to yourself, Kate.” I did and the rest was history. 23 years later, as a proud University of Oklahoma alumna and administrator, I am beyond grateful for Mother’s advice. 

How has DG developed you as a professional?

There would never be enough time to adequately answer this question, thus I’ll give you three words: Relationships. Structure. Perspective. Living with 90+ women in a chapter house taught me getting along with people, and celebrating differences, are critical to being an effective team member. Author Mary Lucas says, “Find the like,” in those around you. Concentrating on what challenges you with a colleague will get you nowhere. As a collegiate officer to volunteering today, I am reminded of the need to respect the structure of an organization by working within, across and through the teams with an attitude of gratitude. My Delta Gamma experience proves my Dad’s lesson of “Everyone has a story.” Before sharing your perspective, learn her outlook first. Without question, I am the professional I am today because of the development I continue to receive in our mutual club of friendship. 

Favorite Quote?

Osho says “Life should not only be lived; it should be celebrated.” Do it every day. Don’t ever miss a wedding, a birthday, a forever moment, or a chance to celebrate those around you. Be the first flight in and the last flight out. You won’t regret it.