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How did you keep in touch with sisters when you weren’t in school? We asked both a 1960 initiate and a 2014 initiate to take a (literal) trip down memory lane:


Anne Allen, Alpha Omega-Arkansas, 1960 initiate

Pictured: Anne’s 1959 member class.

Vacations and summers were long, primarily because we were away from one another. We used telephones, cards and letters to stay connected; AND we planned and executed road trips!!!! We spent A LOT OF TIME on the first day back at school “playing catchup!!” Then, it was fun time to plan for rush (recruitment!). For all of our generations, staying connected is essential, whether through Delta Gamma collegiate chapter meetings and collegiate functions or through alumnae meetings and social or community events. Delta Gamma is – for hope, for strength, for LIFE!!



Sarah Gornik, Tau-Iowa, 2014 initiate

Pictured: Sarah Gornik with fellow sisters at DG’s 2017 February Institute.

Existing in a culture so devoted to social media has its definite perks – especially when it comes to staying in touch with my sisters. I’ve been living in our chapter house for almost two years now and leaving to go back home for breaks is always an odd feeling. The shift from having my 150 sisters within walking distance to being separated by state lines is strange. But that in no way means we’re lacking communication. Things like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook make it almost impossible not to know what’s still going on in my friend’s lives. I have group chats with different groups of women in my chapter that we text in on a regular basis. And on days where I’m really missing my sisters, I can always FaceTime them and get that face-to-face conversation that makes a big difference. I’m very grateful that despite miles distance, my sisters and friends are never more than a message away.




Remember when YOU reunited with sisters after a long break? Alumnae, you can keep the magic of Delta Gamma alive for sisters for years to come! Your $27 per capita annual dues will help ensure our sisterhood endures: