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A message from the Delta Gamma Foundation Executive Director, Roxanne LaMuth.

Compassion is the strongest link of our sisterhood. We are a circle of united women that embrace one another with encouragement, reinforcement and sisterly love. We are sisters for life, supporting each other through all life stages and in times of need.

Our hearts and prayers continue to go out to more than 17,000 Delta Gamma sisters who live in the state of Texas, knowing that nearly every Delta Gamma in Texas and many other Delta Gammas throughout the country are connected to someone who has been affected by Hurricane Harvey. We applaud our Region 6 leadership team who continues to maintain a strong network of communication offering assistance and support. We are also grateful to other sisters and first responders who have stepped up to help storm victims with courage and generosity. 

Thousands of homes have been flooded throughout Houston and surrounding areas. As the recovery efforts continue and our family of sisters return to their homes, we are reminded that many are facing power loss, devastating mold, mud, electrical hazards, toxins and much more in the receding water that surrounds them.

The Delta Gamma Foundation is closely following the effects of Harvey, the anticipated path of Irma and the potential risk of other natural disasters throughout this season. We recognize that it may take days/weeks/months for some sisters to assess the damage and determine their needs. 

The Delta Gamma Foundation Anchor Grant Fund provides assistance to members in crisis and was created to help Delta Gammas all over the world who may need our support. Our Anchor Grant Natural Disaster application was developed to respond to sisters who have experienced a natural disaster event and need temporary, short-term, financial assistance. Whether the need results from the devastation of Harvey or from another life-changing event, the Delta Gamma Foundation embraces the opportunity to help our sisters.

We encourage our sisters to reach out to us. Applications can be found on the Foundation website under the applications tab or by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Questions may be directed to Kate Morales, Foundation Program Specialist, at or by calling 1-800-644-5414. 

Sisters around the country have been asking how they can help their sisters in need. We have created a special Anchor Grant donation page (link below) to direct gifts to this fund which assists sisters who need support, including Harvey victims. These grants offer Delta Gammas the greatest gift of all: the knowledge that their sisters care and are always there to help in times of need. 
We are sisters for life working together in spirit and support. Isn’t that what Delta Gamma is all about?

Love In the Bonds,

Roxanne Ebner LaMuth, Epsilon-Ohio State

Foundation Executive Director

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