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Finals week often brings on feelings of extreme stress for collegians. It can seem that no matter how much you study, you will never be prepared. To help our members during this stressful time, we have compiled a list of finals week tips from employees at Executive Offices.

  1. “I realized I worked best at night, so I’d go home and take naps after class. Then, I’d hunker down after dinner. This ensured I didn’t lose sleep during finals.” – Raina B.J., Beta Nu-Carnegie Melon
  2. “I preferred studying somewhere with a lot of people, like the library or a coffee shop. The random people around me added a sense of accountability. I couldn’t get on Facebook where people could see me when I was supposed to be studying!” – Rachel H., Delta Iota-Georgia
  3. “I had to prioritize studying over socializing. For this reason, I studied at home away from other people, so I could focus. I knew there would be plenty of people to hang out with after finals.” – Logan D., member of Lambda Chi Alpha at Murray State
  4. “Download the free SelfControl app for your computer. Using this app, you can block websites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for a period of time (from 30 minutes – 24 hours) that you decide. When you try to access those websites, you will be unable to until the time you have selected has concluded.” – Mariah B., Alpha Rho-Ohio Wesleyan
  5. “Putting my phone on do not disturb helped me focus immensely.” – Sarah G., Eta Sigma-Charleston
  6. “BREATHE! It is scientifically proven that taking time to focus on your breathing or taking part in breathing exercises can significantly decrease your stress. I have terrible test anxiety, so while the professor is passing out the exams, I take time to focus on my breathing, so I feel refreshed and focused when I start!” – Kate M., Gamma Nu-North Texas. Click here for some breathing exercises you can practice while studying for your final exams.
  7. “I can get easily distracted, so in college I would go study in the library since the Delta Gamma house/my apartment was filled with distractions. A quiet place was necessary for me to focus. I also would follow the 50/10 rule. I would study for 50 minutes then take a 10-minute break. This break allowed me to check Instagram, eat a snack then get back to work.” – Rachael D., Gamma Epsilon-Kent State
  8. “Take handwritten notes and then type them up later if you need to because you’re more likely to remember them!” – Lisa D., Zeta Rho-Ohio

If you know a friend or sister who is struggling a little more than normal during Finals, we encourage you to check out our resource, Be Her Champion. The document shares advice on how to be there for a friend going through a challenging time.