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"Doing Good" from a Distance: Spreading Hope in a Time of Crisis

By Madie Bellante, Gamma Alpha-Tennessee

It’s no secret that our entire world is hurting right now due to the rampant spread of COVID-19 and its effect on our daily lives. It is natural to feel disappointed, scared and anxious for ourselves, our friends who have lost their jobs, our college seniors who will not receive the long-awaited excitement that comes with commencement and our loved ones in fragile health. Despite the cocktail of emotions that we all may feel during this pandemic, Delta Gamma collegians and alumnae are continuing to “Do Good” and provide support to those in need. Here are a few of the ways that our women are showing their commitment to social responsibility, even in this unpredictable time:


Avery H., a collegiate member of Alpha Omega-Arkansas, recently made care packages with encouraging notes to drop off at the VA hospital, as the hospital is not currently allowed to have visitors.
Brooklyn W., a collegiate member of Beta Psi-Alabama, has been assisting with COVID-19 testing in her community.
Jaia G., a collegiate member of Theta Gamma-UNC Wilmington, brought medicine and food to a sister in self-quarantine.
Lori B., an alumna of Beta Nu-Carnegie Mellon, has been using spare fabric around the house to sew masks for patients in the hospital.
Mary F., an alumna of Beta Mu-Bowling Green, showed kindness by leaving a large tip when she ordered curbside delivery.
Kristin C., an alumna of Zeta Eta-Texas State, asked for permission to send her exercise instructor’s workout videos to friends that are deployed overseas.
Kayley S., a collegiate member of Delta Pi-Southern Mississippi, volunteered with Extra Table, an organization ensuring that soup kitchens across the state of Mississippi will continue to provide food during this time.
Robin M., an alumna of Gamma Epsilon-Kent State, has been researching and sharing helpful tips for mothers homeschooling their children right now.
Jean E., an alumna of Upsilon-Stanford, made donations to help first-generation and low income Stanford University students travel home safely.
Jenna G., a collegiate member of Epsilon Psi-Rutgers, put together a comprehensive list of self-care tips and resources for her sisters to follow while social distancing.
Brianne H., an alumna of Epsilon Pi-Connecticut, is live-streaming her workouts so that her friends can follow along.
Autumn G, an alumna of Eta-Akron, is collecting donations to distribute to her third grade students!


Here are some additional suggestions for ways to "Do Good" while practicing social distancing and taking safe measures to protect yourself from COVID-19:

  • Shop for food and necessities for those that are immunocompromised
  • Reach out to a friend who may be isolated or alone
  • Show kindness to grocery store employees and healthcare professionals
  • Support local businesses and restaurants by ordering dinner to go, purchasing a gift card or making an online order
  • Send letters to friends in faraway places
  • Connect on social media and spread positive and informative messages


There are so many ways that Delta Gamma women are continuing to “Do Good” in our communities, even from a distance. Wherever you are, however this has affected you, remember that you have thousands of sisters who are here for you. Despite the magnitude of it all, we are united by the bonds of our sisterhood and commitment to "Do Good" always.