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Diary of a CDC: The Sweetest Chapter Memories

By Natalee Jamerson, Eta Tau-Christopher Newport

Applications for the 2022-2023 CDC team open November 16 and close January 2! Learn more here. To learn more about the program follow our blog series - Diary of a CDC! Each week one of our CDCs will share stories from the road, application tips and more. This week, CDC Natalee took some time to write in her diary.

Becoming a collegiate development consultant (CDC) had always been a dream of mine since I joined Delta Gamma in 2018. I was inspired by the direction and growth my own chapter experienced during our CDC visits, and I wanted to do the same for other chapters across the U.S. and Canada. I was so excited when I got the call asking if I wanted to accept the job – my dream of three years was finally coming true. As excitement was settling down and the weight of my luggage was increasing, I started getting nervous. In a few short days, my dream job was about to hit the road and I was suddenly becoming more and more aware of how I’d be traveling alone for the next 107 days.

I went to school out of state, over 600 miles away, so I was not new to traveling alone. The difference? I was always traveling to a location where I knew someone. With this job, I was traveling to chapters I had never visited before and definitely wouldn’t know a single person there. Looking back, it’s silly to think about how nervous I was. If there’s one constant theme, from each chapter I’ve visited, both in-person and virtually, it’s how each and every member treated me as a sister, their sister. I was not outcasted as a visitor to the chapter, rather welcomed with open arms and embraced as if I was an (insert chapter name) initiate.

The first time you’re picked up by collegians from the airport and they help you lug two large suitcases into their car – a bond is immediately created. I will never forget the care and consideration each chapter member has given me on my visits. Every memory I take from this job will be ones I pass down for the rest of my life. Each chapter leaves a different memory, but one constant theme is the same – sisterhood is forever in our bonds. Reflecting upon my visits, specific memories come to mind. The movie night I had with Eta Kappa-North Carolina State members will forever go down as number one. We all laid out on the couch giggling watching The Kissing Booth 3 and snacking on a bulk size Starburst bag. Who would’ve known there could be so much commentary for a movie?! Another sweet memory was at Eta Gamma-Texas A&M, riding around with chapter president, Mabry, for two hours at night and trying out Dutch Bros for the first time. If you’re curious, I was not a fan of their strawberry milkshake (eww). Working as a supporting consultant at Epsilon Kappa-Clemson, the memories were endless. Most special to me was their twin reveal. I had spent weeks planning the event, pairing members, getting donations for the chapter and ordering sweatshirts. Side note: to any chapter member that has placed a clothing order before – you have my sympathy. The pure joy each member had when their twin (or triplet) was revealed to them put the biggest smile on my face. This new chapter was getting to experience some of the sweetest parts of being in a sorority – getting their family line. What could be better?

All in all, this semester has been one for the books. So many memories have been formed between collegians, other CDCs, Executive Offices staff and volunteers that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It’s so silly thinking back on how nervous I was at the beginning of the job. To everyone that had an impact so far, thank you so much! I cannot wait to see what the spring will bring.


If you’re looking to expand your relationships within Delta Gamma and make some great memories, I highly recommend applying for this job. Applications close January 2! Learn more about the CDC job and apply here