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Diary of a CDC

My CDC Scrapbook: Branching Out and Celebrating My Roots

By Katie Null, Gamma Epsilon-Kent State

Graduating college is a bittersweet time. It’s more than the moment of walking across stage, being handed a fake diploma and shaking hands with campus administrators. For me, at least, it consisted of months of stress wondering if I would get a job, constantly acknowledging each “last” of college and trying to come to peace with saying goodbye to such a formative, memorable and all-around special time in my life. When I got the call offering me a position on the collegiate development consultant (CDC) team, there were so many unknowns. Where would I be traveling? Would I always be alone? Was this really the best step for me, or would I be better off getting a “normal” job?

The one thing I knew was this: I wasn’t ready to distance myself from Delta Gamma just yet. Delta Gamma gave me the sisters I always wanted, leadership experience, a network of women across the country and truly, my best friends for life. I knew then that if I took this job, all the beautiful things that Delta Gamma had given me in college would only grow in my first year post-grad. So, I called my mom, thought on it for a few minutes, and called back to accept.

The time since then has been nothing short of amazing. I have had the opportunity to visit five of our chapters: Theta Zeta-Florida Gulf Coast, Delta Beta-Kentucky, Eta Omega-Portland State, Alpha Nu-USC and Epsilon Kappa-Clemson. I was able to visit Theta Zeta twice during the semester, the first visit being with CDC Haleigh, where we had the best time creating memories with both each other and the amazing women of the chapter. When I visited Eta Omega, I connected with a former CDC and Council member over lunch and heard stories of her time as a CDC. My visits with Alpha Nu and Delta Beta were both virtual, yet both chapters made me feel so welcomed and appreciated, even over Zoom. In the almost two months I spent with Epsilon Kappa, I worked with many other CDCs to recruit our founding class, help to develop them into leaders and show them all that DG has to offer.

Of all the memories I’ve made, some of my favorites are from the times that I was able to return to my alma mater, Kent State, and reconnect with my own chapter of initiation, Gamma Epsilon. My first break of the semester coincided with Gamma Epsilon’s bid day, so I returned to Kent to celebrate and help with the day. It was a full-circle moment for me, as my junior year I planned the chapter’s bid day, and this year one of my littles oversaw the celebration. As I met with other Gamma Epsilon alumnae (including some former CDCs), met the new members joining my chapter and got to share stories about this job with my sisters, a feeling washed over me that I had made the perfect decision to become a CDC; this was exactly where I was supposed to be in that moment. After that visit, I was able to return for Kent State’s homecoming and big/little reveal to welcome amazing my great-great-grand little into our family.

Now, back to graduation and the theme of this blog post. I am beyond lucky to have two of my favorite people in the world as my little sisters in DG, one of whom gave me the most thoughtful and kind graduation gift: a scrapbook to document my CDC travels and memories in throughout the year. The message she chose to display on the cover, “And the adventure begins,” could not have been more fitting. This job is nothing short of a huge adventure. The memories I have made in just one semester are ones that I could not have possibly made in the “normal” jobs I considered. I’ve been able to travel with some of my newfound best friends, stay up until all hours painting banners and making anchor signs, experience new areas of the country I had never visited before and work with amazing Delta Gamma collegians and alumnae everywhere I go. I think there’s something special about printing photos and creating a physical book of memories. When I visit home, one of my favorite things to do is sift through old scrapbooks, sometimes pulling the pages from behind the film to get a better look. As I continue to fill my CDC scrapbook with memories throughout the year, I picture myself five, 10, even 20 years from now looking back on this time in my life, being so grateful to the 21-year-old college senior who decided to have faith in herself and take on this role.

So, to anyone considering taking the step to apply for the 2022-2023 CDC team, DO IT! This job allows you to travel, grow, make new connections and learn so much about yourself, all while giving back to Delta Gamma. I will forever be grateful for the new friends, professional connections and range of experiences I have made in my time thus far as a CDC. Learn more and apply here. Applications close January 2.