the Delta Gamma Blog

"My commitment to my sorority fulfills a global purpose to touch lives that are truly forever changed. I have the power to make a difference to those who my life may touch in slight measure, as I give graciously of what is mine. I am the better for having served. #IAmASororityWoman"

Diane M. Stecher 

National President 

Delta Zeta Sorority

"My collegiate and alumnae experience in Pi Beta Phi have helped to shape me into the woman I am today.  I can never repay all Pi Phi has given me so I serve my beloved Fraternity in an effort to pay it forward. #IAmASororityWoman" 

Paula Shepherd 

Grand President

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity

“Gamma Phi Beta’s mission, to inspire the highest type of womanhood, evokes a smile every time I read, write or say it. Why? Because it’s relevant in my everyday life! For me, being a sorority woman is more than the letters we wear; it’s about being a confident woman of character, who lives our values each day.#IAmASororityWoman"

Krista Davis  

International President

Gamma Phi Beta