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Delta Gammas “Do Good” every day! We pledged to do so when we accepted our bids to Delta Gamma. In fact, our Fraternity letters were chosen because they represent our motto and desire to “Do Good." Let’s come together to put more GOOD in the world. During the week of September 11-17, 2016, Delta Gamma Fraternity invites you to participate in our annual “Do Good” Week by doing good deeds in your community.

Anyone can participate, whether you are a sister, fraternal partner, friend, neighbor or simply a kind person hoping to make the world a little better. Below are some examples of how you can "Do Good."

• Pay for the person behind you at a drive thru or in line.
• Take an unfamiliar colleague or classmate to lunch.
• Write a sincere note of appreciation.
• Plant a tree or garden.
• Deliver baked goods to your local fire/police department.
• Pick up trash in your neighborhood or local park.
• Plan a service event and invite other sisters and friends to participate.
• Take flowers to patients at a hospital.
• Volunteer at a food pantry.
• Visit an assisted living facility and talk to a resident who hasn’t had many visitors.
• Write letters to military personnel and thank them for their service.
• Volunteer at your local humane society, or another local non-profit.
• Donate items to Goodwill or a similar organization.
• Organize a food drive.
• Bike to work/class.
• Simply, be kind to everyone. 

Share your "Do Good" story on social media using the hashtag #DGDoGoodWeek and by posting on the official Facebook event page. You can also email your story (with pictures!) to the Delta Gamma Alumnae Department