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Council Comment | May 2024

Fraternity Council recently came together for their last in-person meeting before Convention in Palm Desert, California. During this meeting, they received updates from staff and volunteers collaborating to advance the Fraternity’s Strategic Plan, launched earlier in the biennium. The plan represents three strategic directions:

  1. Ensuring Relevance
  2. Cultivating Authentic Sisterhood
  3. Realizing Our Future

Based on each of these, Council developed action arenas and aligned existing Fraternity initiatives with new initiatives. Nine action arenas were created, each led by a committee of staff and volunteers. There has been tremendous progress on many fronts, and Council shares below what they are most excited about.

"Revising our Honor Board processes to better reflect our Culture of Care is something that really speaks to me. The committee reframed the tone and language of the formal hearing and notice of rights to make it to make it more transparent and easier to understand."

Dr. Amy R. Ayres, Alpha Iota-Oklahoma, Fraternity President

"I am most excited about our revised Fraternity Standards. The update simplifies and clarifies the areas chapters can focus on to have the most successful, fun and rewarding membership experience."

Joanna Rosenow Shook, Alpha Upsilon-Southern Methodist, Council Trustee: Collegians 

"I am most excited about the cross-generational programming and the increased focus on meaningful programming for our alumnae. Dawson Institute gave great feedback, and I hope it continues because more of our members need to experience the impact of that program! "

Vanessa Milara Alzate, Epsilon Psi-Rutgers, Council Trustee: Alumnae

"I'm most excited about integrating our fostering brave connections strategic plan focus into the Dawson Institute curriculum. The alumnae who attended shared how transformative it is to engage bravely and connect in person at our institute. Their stories prove how powerful brave connections can be! Thanks to the Foundation and our donors, I'm excited that we continue nurturing genuine, authentic sisterhood through our Fraternity programs."

Molly Peirano, Epsilon-Ohio State, Council Trustee: Fraternity Programming

"I am most excited about the new collegiate communications roles. By reframing these roles, we’re aligning the positions with the social media and digital file management that collegians are already doing."

Dr. Stephanie Latza Brown, Delta Pi-Southern Mississippi, Council Trustee: Membership 

"I am excited about the progress and feedback of our Fostering Brave Connections action arena. Adding that curriculum to our leadership programs helps us develop even stronger, authentic bonds."

Corey Santel, Zeta Phi-Harvard, Council Trustee: Communications

"I love that we’re exploring more opportunities to work across functional areas and subject matter experts (SMEs) to enable us to better understand and support chapters of concern and their members. I’m also excited to see the launch of the career mentoring program pairing collegians and alumnae. We can learn so much from each other."

Susan Meyer Kornegay, Eta-Akron, Fraternity Treasurer