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Celebrating Excellence: Delta Gamma's Member of Impact Recognition Program

The objects of this Fraternity shall be to foster high ideals of friendship among women, to promote their educational and cultural interests, to create in them a true sense of social responsibility, and to develop in them the best qualities of character.

Article II of the Delta Gamma Constitution

Delta Gamma is a sisterhood built on the unshakable belief that doing good isn't just a motto; it's a way of life. Delta Gammas do incredible things every day – whether in their careers, through volunteer work or just by being awesome humans.

With this in mind, Delta Gamma has created the Member of Impact recognition program, which seeks to spotlight members who live by all aspects of Article II and our do good motto in their communities. The program has two main goals:

  1. Celebrate Delta Gamma members who go above and beyond to make a difference and
  2. Tell their stories
Member of Impact Stamp with text reading Member of Impact and a star with burst in the center

The Member of Impact recognition program is a tribute to the remarkable women who embrace the Fraternity's values and amplify them through their contributions. By spotlighting these outstanding individuals, Delta Gamma will inspire others to follow in their footsteps, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the boundaries of the sorority itself.

The recognition is meant to honor people who go above and beyond but might not have the more typical Delta Gamma experience that is necessary to receive one of our Individual Alumnae Awards (Hope, Cable, Shield, etc.). Additionally, this opportunity is open to all members, not just alumnae.

Here are a few examples of members who might receive the recognition:

  • A member who raises guide dogs to serve local visually impaired community members
  • A member who received a lifetime achievement award or other type of larger award for career contributions
  • A member who has a unique hobby or business that creates more good in the world

The Member of Impact recognition program is open to all collegians and alumnae in good standing. Members may nominate themselves or another deserving member. Though the nomination form will never close, and there is no deadline to nominate/apply, a volunteer committee will review applications quarterly. Members chosen for the program will be featured across Delta Gamma’s communication channels, including the ANCHORA, blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, etc.

Nominate someone or yourself as a Member of Impact today using this form! Questions? Email Fraternity Director: Alumnae Engagement Dr. Melissa Thompson, Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State at