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How Being a Traveling CDC Gave Me 21 Role Models

By Anna Weeks, Pi-Montana (initiate), Beta Upsilon-Oregon State (affiliate)

I firmly believe there are people that are brought into your life that change your entire outlook on the world. My year as a CDC introduced me to some of the best people I have ever met. These powerful women are my cheerleaders, my confidants and, in less than a year, became my best friends.

Being a consultant is a rewarding and wild experience, however it is also one of the most challenging. Coming straight from college, I left everything I knew behind to live a life on the road. Whether they realize it or not, the 2018-2019 consultants are some of my biggest role models. Some of my most favorite memories from this year are our shared breaks or even just knowing they were across the airport from me after looking up their location on Find Friends. 

These are the type of women who figure out your travel schedule and time it out perfectly for letters to be delivered to you while you’re on the road. These are the type of women who surprise you with a celebration when you get a job post-CDC life. These are the type of women who take the time to learn all the names of your friends and family from back home. And even though they don’t know them personally, they ask about how they are doing anyway. These are the type of women who would drop anything to call and be a listening ear no matter how small the problem may be. These are the type of women who make a major impact on everyone around them yet are still the most humble individuals I have ever met.   


Delta Gamma has been a major part of my life the last five years; the women in this organization never cease to amaze me. Being a CDC allowed me to meet DGs from across the U.S. and I have never been prouder to be a part of this organization. 

After my year as a traveling consultant, I accepted a job as a tv news reporter in Medford, Oregon. I arrived home from my travels and within one week, I packed all of my belongings and moved 4.5 hours south of my hometown. My day-to-day schedule differs a lot from my itinerary on the road. However, many of the skills I learned as a CDC have carried over into my new position, such as making quick deadlines, interacting with all different types of people and constantly thinking on your feet.


My year as a CDC flew by. Our team is now spread across the country. Yet somehow? We remain as close as we’ve ever been.