What does sharing your sisterhood look like?

July 26, 2020
We have much work left to do in order to continue to push past the barriers that exist inside and outside of our “club of mutual helpfulness,” as our Founders called it. We must tap into our collective power to strengthen our sisterhood to be true champions of the do good message.
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The Impacts of Microaggressions: Hearing from Fellow DGs

July 16, 2020
On Wednesday, June 10, Delta Gamma was joined by 317 individuals for our virtual panel discussion on “The Impacts of Microaggressions.” This talk was hosted by four DG alumnae who had expressed interest in speaking to their fellow sisters about their experiences as Black women in Delta Gamma. As a historically white organization, it is our duty to use our privilege to advocate for change and create communities that are equitable and just.
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Delta Gamma Fraternity Elects 2020-2022 Fraternity Council

July 02, 2020
Delta Gamma Fraternity hosted its 69th Biennial Convention this past Saturday, June 27 through a virtual format. As members conducted the business of the Fraternity, the 2020-2022 Fraternity Council officers were elected to govern the organization for the next biennium.
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Reimagining the Legacy Connection

June 18, 2020
Almost thirty years ago, I became my mother’s sister when I joined Delta Gamma. I had heard about Delta Gamma my entire life, not to mention my brother and I would sing DG songs in the living room after going to a recruitment preview at the chapter my mom was advising. When I was looking at colleges, I would check if they had a Delta Gamma chapter. I saw the relationships my mom had fostered with sisters both in college and throughout her life and I knew I wanted the same thing.
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Doing Good Means Doing Better

June 03, 2020
We are striving to become a more diverse, inclusive and equitable sisterhood. As Delta Gammas, we strive to “Do Good.” This shared purpose has anchored our bonds of sisterhood since 1873, but today more than ever, it is important to remember that “doing good” requires action. It is not about “looking good” or about “being seen doing good.” We want to do good in the world in the hopes that our world will become a better place for all people.
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Emergency Resources for Delta Gamma Sisters during COVID-19

April 06, 2020
During this time of unprecedented health concern and isolation, we understand that many members and their support systems are feeling more academic, financial, mental/emotional and physical/health stress than ever before. In our effort to support the women of Delta Gamma, we have compiled a list of emergency resources we know of that may be beneficial to you and your family in this time.
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Standing by a Sister when Standing is Impossible

January 29, 2020
In their days of re-chartering Beta Psi-Alabama chapter in 2011, Jordan Buckler Plunkett and Amy Ackerman Schlesinger created that extra special bond of sisterhood – and knew they’d someday be in each other’s wedding.
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