The Oxford Award Spotlight - Suzanne Alli Reynolds

September 19, 2017
Suzanne Alli Reynolds, Alpha Iota-Oklahoma, is truly a remarkable volunteer in her service in Oklahoma, and is especially respected for her commitment to the success of the Oklahoma County Medical Society Alliance. For these reasons, Suzanne was honored with the Oxford Award.
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The Shield Award Spotlight - Dr. Barbara M. Hardin

September 13, 2017
Barbara M. Hardin, Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State, is a professional powerhouse and the San Antonio alumnae chapter couldn’t be prouder! Barbara, pictured above, was truly surprised to receive her Shield Award presented by her admiring sisters at the San Antonio alumnae chapter’s Founders Day celebration last spring.
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Foundation: The Rox Report - Working Together in Spirit and Support

September 08, 2017
As Delta Gammas, working together to "Do Good" is one of the greatest things we can do in times of need. With the recent devastation left from Hurricane Harvey, it is important to remember that we are a circle of united women that embrace one another with encouragement, reinforcement and sisterly love. We are sisters for life, supporting each other through all life stages and in times of need.
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Delta Gamma Wonder Woman

July 26, 2017
​On the Big Screen – Wonder Woman is a warrior princess turned superhero who lassoes evil-doers, flashes a handy sword, and generally makes us all wish we had our own nifty golden bracelets. Closer to home, each of us knows and can celebrate real wonder women – those wonderful Delta Gamma alumnae worthy of nomination for our Fraternity Individual Alumnae Awards.
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Foundation: The Rox Report - Nikki and Connor

July 07, 2017
Nikki Brewer, Beta Mu-Bowling Green suffered a severe stroke at the age of 37 affecting her right side which left her without speech and an essential need to learn to walk again. Nikki received an Anchor Grant from the Foundation to help with her rehabilitation.
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It Takes Two to Ride a Tandem Bike

June 06, 2017
Recent graduates, Taylor Hartgraves, Eta Gamma-Texas A&M and Lindsay Long, Eta Gamma-Texas A&M, recently participated in the Rosedale Ride on a tandem bicycle.
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