Delta Gamma Fraternity Partners with Social Responsibility Speaks for Multi-Year Organizational Equity and Inclusivity Enhancement Effort

April 14, 2021
Delta Gamma Fraternity is proud to announce its new partner, Social Responsibility Speaks (SRS), which will aid the organization in developing and implementing strategies for cultivating a more inclusive and equitable membership experience at all levels of the organization, including staff. Founded on the belief that all humans have a social responsibility to care for one another, SRS works toward a more just society and endeavors to educate others to do the same. The individuals who lead SRS have professional experience as staff of higher education institutions, project work with nonprofits and volunteer-governed organizations and existing relationships with Delta Gamma and other National Panhellenic Conference groups.
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Delta Gamma Announces Inaugural Diversity Equity and Inclusion Advisory Commission

March 11, 2021
Delta Gamma is proud to announce the establishment of the new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Commission, which has been formed to help advise, guide and inform Delta Gamma’s efforts around fostering a greater sense of belonging amongst members who hold marginalized identities, ensuring equitable membership experiences and continuing the organization’s commitment to inclusivity.
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Personal Reflections during Black History Month

February 12, 2021
As the celebration of Black History Month continues, hear from accomplished DG sister and barrier-breaker Taylor Johnson, Alpha Omega-Arkansas. In this personal reflection, Taylor shares her membership story, which includes how thoughts of resignation turned in to a powerful leadership journey.
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Catch Up on Virtual Programming: Friendship

December 14, 2020
Throughout 2020, we have been offering opportunities for virtual learning and connection through our Connected for Good page. Check out some of the recent programming related to friendship!
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​Collegiate Development Consultants: Then and Now

December 10, 2020
Our Collegiate Development Consultant (CDC) program celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. So much has changed in the ways of technology and travel for these women but the fact remains: for 75 years, these women have been an integral part in the development and growth of our sisterhood.
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Redefining the Path: Finding your Sisterhood through COB

December 01, 2020
Meet Anel Mattar, Theta Beta-Case, Collegiate Development Consultant (CDC). “My first semester of college, I really struggled to get acclimated and find my place. The following fall, a close friend of mine texted me asking if I was interested in attending Delta Gamma’s COB events."
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