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2022 Convention Awards

On Saturday, June 25 2022, Delta Gamma Fraternity presented and celebrated the 2022 Convention Award winners. Below you will find a description of each award and the award recipients.

George Banta Award

Recognizing collegiate chapters that have been established for between two and five years, the George Banta Award honors a young chapter that is exceptional in most areas of chapter life. The award is named in honor of George Banta, who helped expand our Fraternity.

Winner: Gamma Delta-Montana State

Barbara Griswold Laederach Recruitment Award

This award recognizes excellence in all aspects of collegiate recruitment during the current biennium. To qualify for this award, a chapter must achieve perfect scores in the membership section of the Patricia Peterson Danielson (PPD) Award for both years of the biennium. The award is named in honor of former Fraternity Vice President: Membership and National Panhellenic Conference Delegate, Barbara Griswold Laederach, Lambda-Minnesota.

Second Runner-Up: Epsilon Epsilon-Tennessee Tech
First Runner-Up: Gamma Theta-Florida
Winner: Alpha Sigma-UCLA

Alumnae Membership Development Award

This award recognizes the alumnae chapter whose goals incorporate strategic and successful programming techniques to increase membership, resulting in a larger percentage of local dues-paying members.

Runner-Up: Louisville alumnae chapter
Winner: Newport-South Coast alumnae chapter

Barbara Nussa Boersma Outstanding Technology Award

This award pays tribute to Barbara Nussa Boersma, Alpha Tau-Butler, who most notably brought Delta Gamma into the information age. This award recognizes both an alumnae and collegiate chapter for the effective use of technology to impact or meet a chapter goal or objective within the biennium. Technology/media may include, but is not limited to social media, video, website, email, etc.

Alumnae Runner-Up: Phoenix alumnae chapter
Alumnae Winner: Atlanta alumnae chapter
Collegiate Winner: Alpha Chi-Pennsylvania State

The "Maggie" Newsletter Award

These awards recognize communications achievement for newsletter communications, either electronic or traditional, for one collegiate and one alumnae chapter. The “Maggie” is named for former ANCHORA Editor and Executive Director Margaret Hess Watkins, Alpha Xi-West Virginia.

Alumnae Winner: Tampa alumnae chapter
Collegiate Winner: Eta Gamma-Texas A&M

Outstanding House Corporation Award

This award recognizes the house corporation that follows its bylaws by demonstrating excellence in communication, budgeting and reporting; developing a positive relationship with the collegiate chapter; and working toward long-range goals.

House Corp. Managed Winner: Delta Iota-Georgia
University Managed Winner: Delta Psi-Southern Mississippi

Frankie Ladley Wakefield Parnassus Award

This award is presented to the collegiate chapter that manifested the highest qualities of intellectual curiosity and integrity during the years between Conventions. It also takes into consideration timeliness in reporting and Foundation service, both of which were important to Frankie Wakefield, Alpha Eta-Whitman, for whom this award is named.

Runner-Up: Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State
Runner-Up: Gamma Upsilon-Wichita State
Winner: Alpha Lambda-Drake

Delta Eta – California State, Sacramento Founders Award

This award recognizes collegiate chapters in four categories (determined by average chapter size during the biennium) that reach levels of excellence in meeting the objectives of the Fraternity as outlined in Article II of the Fraternity Constitution: to foster high ideals of friendship among women of all ages; to promote their educational and cultural interests; to create in them a true sense of social responsibility; and to develop in them the best qualities of character.

Division 1 Runner-Up: Eta Xi-Texas, Tyler
Division 1 Winner: Eta Eta-Spring Hill
Division 2 Runner-Up: Gamma Upsilon-Wichita State
Division 2 Winner: Epsilon Epsilon-Tennessee Tech
Division 3 Runner-Up: Kappa-Nebraska
Division 3 Winner: Eta Upsilon-Drexel
Division 4 Runner-Up: Eta Gamma-Texas A&M
Division 4 Winner: Delta Sigma-Auburn

Outstanding Alumnae Programming Award

This award recognizes programming that best exemplifies the Delta Gamma Philosophy. Chapters considered for the award submitted detailed plans about their overall programming goals, events and results.

Division 1 Runner-Up: New York City alumnae chapter
Division 1 Winner: Cleveland East alumnae chapter
Division 2 Runner-Up: Tampa alumnae chapter
Division 2 Winner: South Orange County alumnae chapter
Division 3 Runner-Up: Houston alumnae chapter
Division 3 Winner: Portland Suburban alumnae chapter

Roberta Abernethy Award

Selected by the Executive Offices staff, the recipient of this award is the collegiate chapter that demonstrates in spirit and in deed the qualities of responsibility, cooperation, dependability and initiative. It is named for Delta Gamma’s first Executive Secretary.

Winner: Beta Beta-Alberta

Collumnae Award

This award recognizes the alumnae chapter whose relationship with a collegiate chapter displays a quality of communication and interaction of value to both groups; involves a high percentage of the collegiate and alumnae members; and accomplishes the goals set forth by both groups.

Local Runner-Up: Baton Rough alumnae chapter
Local Winner: Pittsburgh South Hills alumnae chapter
Remote Runner-Up: South Orange County alumnae chapter
Remote Winner: Northern Colorado alumnae chapter

Outstanding Alumnae Chapter Award

Judged in three categories determined by the average number of local dues-paying members during the biennium, this award is presented to s that are outstanding in all areas of endeavor and exemplify the living applications of the Delta Gamma Philosophy. The success of an  is judged based on the entire biennium.

Division 1 Runner-Up: Columbus alumnae chapter
Division 1 Winner: Pittsburgh South Hills alumnae chapter
Division 2 Runner-Up: South Bay alumnae chapter
Division 2 Winner: Newport South Coast alumnae chapter
Division 3 Runner-Up: Dallas alumnae chapter
Division 3 Winner: Atlanta alumnae chapter

Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award

To be considered for this award, a chapter must receive the Patricia Peterson Danielson Award both years of the biennium. Judged in three categories determined by average chapter size during the biennium, these chapters demonstrate excellence in every area of chapter life.

Division 1 Runner-Up: Eta Eta-Spring Hill
Division 1 Winner: Eta-Akron
Division 2 Runner-Up: Eta Alpha-Pepperdine
Division 2 Winner: Alpha Lambda-Drake
Division 3 Runner-Up: Beta Sigma-Maryland
Division 3 Winner: Eta Theta-Saint Louis
Division 4 Runner-Up: Beta Psi-Alabama
Division 4 Winner: Gamma Phi-Arizona State

Patricia Peterson Danielson Award

This award recognizes collegiate chapters that demonstrate a level of excellence in all areas of chapter operations and programming. Chapters submit an application for evaluation of criteria in our 12 Fraternity Standards and are then encouraged to establish goals based on the criteria. The award is named in honor of former Council member Patricia Peterson Danielson, Theta-Indiana. 

Alumnae Excellence

The Alumnae Excellence recognition is designed to measure all alumnae groups in creating programming and calendar events while also achieving alumnae group standard operating criteria. Its purpose is to encourage alumnae groups to develop programming that focuses on fun, friendship, sisterhood and “Doing Good” while increasing membership participation and enhancing Delta Gamma awareness. 

Excellence in Operations for house corporations

The Fraternity’s Annual Excellence in Operations Award for House Corporations is designed to acknowledge that a collegiate chapter’s house corporation fulfills a significant responsibility: ensuring the safety and stability of a collegiate chapter’s housing, property, employees, finances and operations. The constancy of these responsibilities does not lessen, but rather underscores how essential a watchful house corporation is to the wellbeing of a collegiate chapter. Every house corporation is eligible for award consideration

Cable Award

The Cable Award recognizes an alumna for personal devotion and continued service to the Fraternity. Each recipient has demonstrated, through years of serving Delta Gamma, unusual loyalty far beyond normal participation.

Loyalty Award

The Loyalty Award bestows an extraordinary honor upon the alumna who exhibits a lifetime of devotion to the Fraternity at the international, regional or local level. The recipient must first receive the Cable Award, and then demonstrate a minimum of 10 years additional service in advancing the Delta Gamma Philosophy.

Oxford Award

The Oxford Award recognizes the alumna who exemplifies the Delta Gamma precept of service to her community and who, through the years, devotes her talents to improve the quality of life of those around her.

Shield Award

The Shield Award recognizes the alumna who has achieved unique and noteworthy distinctions through leadership and verifiable accomplishments in her chosen fields of expertise. The chosen fields may include business and professional, the arts, education, civic, nonprofit or religious affairs.

Anchor Award

The Anchor Award recognizes an alumna whose extensive, influential and noteworthy achievements spread across the entire Fraternity and help advance the Delta Gamma philosophy. Such an alumna is a mainstay of the Fraternity and provides reliable support from which all members benefit. To be considered for recognition, an alumna must be a Cable Award recipient and her Fraternity service and/or achievements must extend beyond the local level and must demonstrate a unique and lasting impact on every member of the Fraternity.

The Order of The Delta Gamma Rose

The Order of the Delta Gamma Rose is the highest award presented by the Fraternity, honoring alumnae who have made distinguished contributions to their nation and/or the world. Recipients are renowned in their chosen fields, and MUST have received (inter)national recognition because of their individual efforts and talents.