Our Leadership

Delta Gamma provides volunteer opportunities for alumnae to continue their Delta Gamma journeys and guide the direction and future of the Fraternity. These opportunities include:


Seven elected members and one appointed member guide the strategic vision of the Fraternity, through policy development and oversight of the operations, to the provisions of the Fraternity Constitution.

2016-2018 Council of Delta Gamma

Click on each member's name to learn more about them:

These email addresses should not to be used for solicitation of the Fraternity. If you are a vendor looking to partner with the Fraternity, please email partnerships@deltagamma.org.

Fraternity President:

Stacia (Staci) Rudge Skoog, Beta Zeta-Denison, FraternityPresident@deltagamma.org

Council Trustee: Collegians:

Aleesa Miller Ross, Gamma Xi-Texas Tech, CouncilCollegians@deltagamma.org

Council Trustee: Alumnae:

Christine Rocchio, Epsilon Chi-South Carolina, CouncilAlumnae@deltagamma.org

Council Trustee: Fraternity Programming:

Kate Stanton, Alpha Iota-Oklahoma, CouncilProgramming@deltagamma.org

Council Trustee: Communications:

Katherine Juhl Griffiths, Beta Zeta-Denison, CouncilCommunications@deltagamma.org

Council Trustee: Membership:

Cheri Lall Wechsler, Gamma Chi-Cal State, Long Beach, CouncilMembership@deltagamma.org


Suz Lindsley Stiles, Epsilon Beta-Bucknell, CouncilTreasurer@deltagamma.org

National Panhellenic Delegate:

Shari Souser Malone, Gamma Epsilon-Kent State, NPCDelegateMalone@deltagamma.org

Foundation Board of Trustees

Nine volunteers guide the work of the Delta Gamma Foundation, which focuses on the philanthropic interests of the Fraternity.


Wilma Johnson Wilbanks, Alpha Psi-Mississippi, BOTChairman@deltagamma.org


Joan Workman Newman, Gamma-UC Berkley, BOTTreasurer@deltagamma.org


Susan Beavers Crucq, Gamma Mu-Florida State, BOTMember2@deltagamma.org


Jane Williams Simmons, Alpha Psi-Mississippi, BOTMember3@deltagamma.org


Stacia (Staci) Rudge Skoog, Beta Zeta-Denison, FraternityPresident@deltagamma.org


Suz Lindsley Stiles, Epsilon Beta-Bucknell, CouncilTreasurer@deltagamma.org


Kate Stanton, Alpha Iota-Oklahoma, CouncilProgramming@deltagamma.org


A group of volunteers selected by Council. Our Cabinet includes Fraternity Directors and regional specialists, who work closely with advisers, alumnae and collegians across North America. A full directory can be found in our library.

Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC):

A group of alumnae volunteers who govern the Fraternity Housing Corporation including two Council members, Director of Housing Resources, Director of Housing Development and one member-at-large appointed by Council.

Fraternity Management Corporation Board:

This board consists of five people, including two Council members, both housing directors and a member-at-large appointed by Council. These volunteers govern the Fraternity Management Corporation.

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