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Module 6: Paying Back your Student Loans

Module 7: All About Debt and Interest Rates

Module 6: Paying Back your Student Loans

Many of us find ourselves faced with student loan debt after the cap and gown are tucked away following graduation. With so many different loan companies, rules for repayment and options for navigating your personal loan obligations, this module is designed to break down the basics and equip you to make the loan repayment decisions that are best for your financial present and future.

Module 7: All About Debt and Interest Rates

Did you know that not all debt is created equal? In this module you will learn about different types of debt, how to pay off debt and debt’s connection to interest rates. Interest rates impact us any time we’re borrowing money or using credit to make a purchase. Think: leasing/buying a car, financing new furniture, committing to a student loan repayment plan, buying a home and so much more. If you know what interest rates are but aren’t sure why they matter, you aren’t alone. We’re here to help!

This initiative is funded by the Delta Gamma Foundation.