Reporting & Accountability

How to file a report if you are a member:

Reporting a collegian: 

If you are a current collegian looking to report a member of your own chapter, your first step should be filing a Statement of Obligation Review (SOR) with your chapter’s Honor Board. See the Addressing Racism in Honor Board guide in the library to learn more about the steps Honor Board will take.

Reporting an alumna volunteer: 

To report a volunteer (including but not limited to local advisers, house corporation officers or alumnae group officers, regional team members, Fraternity or Foundation Directors, Fraternity Council or Foundation Board of Trustees) please email Assistant Director of Volunteer Management Lauren Utley, at, including as many specific details as possible.

Reporting an alumna member (non-volunteer): 

Any collegiate or alumna member can request a review of an alumna for concerns of racism or discrimination. Your first step should be submitting a letter of concern to your Regional Alumnae Specialist (RAS). The alumna you are reporting does not have to live in your area or region. See the Addressing Racism during the Alumnae Membership Review Process guide in the library to learn more about the steps that will be taken.

Reporting a member of staff: 

Please email Director of Employee Experience Ronda Griffin, at, including as many specific details as possible.