Service Ideas During World Sight Awareness Week

On Campus 

  • Get your school’s mascot or a local celebrity to post a video on social media sharing why it is important to #LoveYourEyes. 
  • Distribute candy with an eye fact. 
  • Blindfold important statues on your campus to draw attention to the issue of avoidable blindness and visual impairment. 
  • Include a table or poster highlighting the many ways to prevent blindness and how to keep your eyes healthy. 
  • This can be a great media opportunity! (Get permission from university officials prior to participating in this activity.) Contact your school, community newspaper or local media outlet for press coverage of your activity. 

 In Your Community 

  • Raise awareness of the issues of avoidable blindness and WSD through public education. 
  • Organize an eye screening. Create a poster to highlight your event. 
  • Hold a group Zoom call organized by your chapter or join forces with other like-minded organizations and organize an online event to highlight Service for Sight. 
  • Host a podcast with an eye care professional talking about eye care. Share it on SoundCloud or on – these are free podcasting platforms that should work across mobile platforms. You can also share inspiring stories from local Service for Sight organizations and how they support WSD. 
  • Encourage your local government to issue a White Cane Awareness Day Proclamation. 
  • Invite your local county elections office to discuss the opportunities for accessibility to vote without sight. 


  • Share photos of your event, activities and promotional material on social media or other channels with the hashtag #WorldSightDay #LoveYourEyes #WSD2023. 
  • Hold a musical concert on Facebook or Instagram – and black out the screen. 
  • Spread the word and get people to post photos showing “What do I see?” using the hashtags. 


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