GivingTuesday Champion Toolkit

The Foundation staff is gearing up for GivingTuesday on November 28, 2022, and we’re calling on you to be a Foundation Champion and encourage giving! In this toolkit, you’ll find information about how you can help with our digitally-driven campaign. The fun starts soon — so get ready! Please reach out to Foundation communications at if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for being a Champion for the Delta Gamma Foundation and our sisterhood.

Timeline and Key Dates

Now through November 27: Get the word out

  • Start sharing your plans for GivingTuesday with sisters, friends and family and encourage them to participate by making a gift to the Foundation!
  • Follow the Foundation on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Use the sample posts and graphics to share how your individual action can help amplify the impact we make for Delta Gamma.
  • Start your own Facebook Fundraiser for GivingTuesday to support the Delta Gamma Foundation.
  • You can also offer a matching gift. Please reach out to for more information on matching gifts.

November 27: Save the Date

  • Share the Foundation’s GivingTuesday fundraiser on Facebook or start your own!
    • Be sure to let us know if you’ve started a fundraiser so that we can follow up to learn who supported your campaign. Please tag us on Facebook @deltagammafoundation or send an email to
  • Change your social media profile pictures by downloading the images available.

November 28: GivingTuesday!

  • Help us reach our goal by encouraging your sisters, family and friends to support the Delta Gamma Foundation on Giving Tuesday.
  • Create a video to share on social media for your followers to hear about the impact you’re making straight from you!
  • Post a message about why you support the Foundation or use the sample posts and graphics. Be sure to include a link to your fundraiser and tag the Foundation!
  • Use the hashtags #DGGivingTuesday and #DGGives.
  • Send a text or email to a few sisters encouraging them to make a gift.

Key Messages

  • Each Individual Action amplifies our collective impact to do good.
  • When you stand up, 250,000 sisters stand with you ready to amplify the impact Delta Gammas are making around the world.
  • Your individual action has a collective effect, amplifying the positive impact we can make with our sisters.
  • The best way to help ourselves is to help each other.
  • When you make a gift to the Foundation, you are Anchoring the Future of our sisterhood.
  • GivingTuesday is a day focused on collective kindness, so lets put our Do Good motto into action!
  • Gifts to the Loyalty Fund mean members are supported in their educational pursuits, are given opportunities to learn and grow through mentorship and leadership training, and people living with blindness or other vision loss gain access to the tools they need to live full, unrestricted lives.
  • Last year, the Foundation granted over 500 scholarships, fellowships and Crisis Grants, supported innovative and transformational Fraternity programming, and granted 66 Service for Sight grants to organizations advocating for people in the blind and visually impaired community.
  • See all the good your gifts do in the Foundation’s Annual Impact Report. Join me in ensuring our collective impact remains strong!

Sample Facebook Fundraiser

When you visit a template for your personal Facebook fundraiser to the Delta Gamma Foundation is populated.

You can use the pre-populated information to quickly set up your fundraiser and start raising funds and doing good immediately. If you would like to personalize these text boxes, we have some recommendations below, but you are encouraged to update this information to share more about your personal Foundation story.

We ask that you end any specific GivingTuesday Fundraisers on or before November 30, to ensure that these gifts are received and counted towards our GivingTuesday campaign.

Why are you raising Money?

I’m raising money for the Delta Gamma Foundation this GivingTuesday and your contribution will make a significant impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every gift helps us put our do good motto into action. Making a gift to the Delta Gamma Foundation can provide assistance to a collegiate member completing her education, provide skills and training to develop emerging leaders, and increase accessibility and resources for individuals living with blindness or low vision. Delta Gamma Foundation fosters lifetime enrichment for members, promotes Service for Sight, and partners with the Fraternity to ensure the future of our sisterhood.

Gifts to the Delta Gamma Foundation are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.

Why are you raising Money?

As a member of Delta Gamma, I have benefited firsthand from the generosity of our sisters and the Delta Gamma Foundation. Delta Gamma has made me into the friend, leader, and professional I am today. I want to pay it forward, so I’m raising money to support the work of the Delta Gamma Foundation this GivingTuesday. No matter the size, your gift to the Loyalty Fund will provide the same enriching experiences to others while redefining the path for those who come next. Delta Gamma Foundation fosters lifetime enrichment for members, promotes Service for Sight, and partners with the Fraternity to ensure the future of our sisterhood.

Gifts to the Delta Gamma Foundation are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.

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