Fraternity Executive Leadership: The "experience"

Fraternity Executive Director Tracey Doebling Williams, Beta Sigma-Maryland, leads the Executive Offices staff. She ensures the staff is in step with the vision and strategies set forth by the Council. She constantly strives for excellence and works closely with the staff to achieve the same. Tracey has more than 20 years of experience at Delta Gamma.

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General Counsel: The "legal eagle"

General Counsel Katie Klos Russell, Delta Lambda-Mississippi State, provides legal guidance at Delta Gamma Executive Offices, taking on everything from trademark protection to university agreements and vendor licensing. She is also spearheading Delta Gamma's effort to rewrite policies.

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Human Resources: The "people person"

The HR Business Partner/Building Manager Cindy Carey, Zeta Theta-Columbia, handles everything from the employee life cycle to employee benefits and payroll administration. You will find her serving on several working groups and she is the Executive Offices point person for chapter awards, the Volunteer Resource File and all things related to EO building maintenance.

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Events and Operations: The "hub"

The events and operations team is responsible for the planning and preparation for all Delta Gamma Conventions, Institutes, leadership trainings and arrangements for visitors at Executive Offices. This team also provides personalized assistance for the Council and Executive Director with administrative tasks, projects and reports. The events and operations team takes great pride in being the "hub" of EO and providing great customer service to all who call or contact Executive Offices.

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Marketing and Communications: The "newsroom"

Information flows in and out of the marketing and communications team. Social media, engagement strategies, video production, logos, website design, website content management and ANCHORA articles are just some of the initiatives this team creates and oversees. From media relations when breaking news hits a college campus, to telling the Delta Gamma story around the world, the marketing and communications team crafts and disseminates the Fraternity's message.

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The Frances Lewis Stevenson Archives: The "chronicles of DG"

From the gavel used at the first Convention, to the dresses Delta Gammas have worn through the decades, the archives is the home of the artifacts and history of the Fraternity. Meticulously guarded and preserved by Delta Gamma's archivist, the "things" that catalog Delta Gamma history are only a small part of her job. The archivist is also a treasure trove of historic knowledge.

The Fraternity archivist is part of the communications team - click here to meet her.

Finance: The "treasury"

This team is responsible for providing accurate and timely information regarding financial affairs, including revenue collection and distribution of funds, budgeting and financial reporting. This team provides financial services to collegiate chapters, the Foundation and the Housing Office.

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Information Technology: The "web and wires"

This team maintains the computers, network infrastructure and software at Executive Offices. The IT team also provides support through the help desk for staff, volunteers and members who have questions or issues regarding Delta Gamma technology.

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Education and Development: The "educators"

This team develops, executes, and assesses the Fraternity's educational programs and Foundation Funded Fraternity Programs. They work closely with volunteers, staff, and our members to develop programming that meets the needs of our membership and focuses around the Fraternity's core purpose.

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Member Services: The "connectors"

The member services department keeps the pulse of our alumnae, collegians, volunteers, staff, university administrators, parents and National Panhellenic Conference counterparts. This team provides training and administrative services to volunteers, collegiate chapters and alumnae groups. Our member services team is also the primary contact for Fraternity/Sorority Advisors on college and university campuses.

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Extension and Consultants: The "builders"

The extension and consultants department works with a team of volunteers to venture out and establish new DG chapters across North America. They work closely with these new chapters to establish a strong, lasting foundation. Also part of this team are our Collegiate Development Consultants (CDCs); these young alumnae travel to dozens of collegiate chapters each year to guide them in their chapter operations - everything from recruitment to training new officers.

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Office of Housing: The "home away from home"

The office of housing processes payroll, accounts payable and receivable, state and federal taxes and most things finance related for all Delta Gamma house corporations. This group supports our alumnae housing volunteers and helps our collegiate chapters maintain a safe living environment and a house that is competitive during recruitment. This office also provides loans, budget expertise, human resource guidance, project management, financial analysis and set aside advice for our house corporations.

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Foundation: The "heart"

Foundation Executive Director Roxanne Ebner LaMuth, Epsilon-Ohio State, leads the Foundation staff to ensure the vision and strategies set forth by the Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Foundation staff is dedicated to educating our membership on service and fundraising opportunities that will benefit the organizations that share the Delta Gamma Foundation mission. This group works on program development for our chapters, fosters relationships with donors of all levels and oversees the distribution of millions of dollars to organizations that aid people who are blind and visually impaired.

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