Our Legacies

Delta Gammas are encouraged to identify women who embody the spirit and ideals of Delta Gamma. There are several different ways to recommend these women for current or future membership in the Fraternity.


A legacy is a great-granddaughter, granddaughter, daughter, sister or the same step-relation of a Delta Gamma member. Delta Gamma legacies receive special consideration in recruitment, as they already have a connection with Delta Gamma.

Delta Gammas wishing to let a chapter know about her legacy should complete a Sponsor Form. The sponsor can choose to be notified during recruitment if her legacy is not returning to a Delta Gamma recruitment event by voluntarily including contact information on the form. Download a Sponsor Form now.


A Delta Gamma can sponsor a legacy or a young woman she thinks embraces the values of Delta Gamma. This process allows members to aid Delta Gamma in recruiting quality members who are dedicated to the Fraternity for a lifetime.

Sponsoring someone is a simple process. The official Delta Gamma letter of recommendation, or recruitment information form (RIF), is called the Sponsor Form. Complete a Sponsor Form and send it to the collegiate chapter the young woman is looking to join. If you have any questions about Sponsor Forms, please email sponsorforms@deltagamma.org. There is a list of where to send Sponsor Forms located in the library, called the Recruitment Calendar & Contacts document.

Where to Send Sponsor Forms

Have you completed a Sponsor Form, and are wondering where to send it? All Sponsor Forms should be sent to the director of recruitment records or vice president: membership at each collegiate chapter. You can find a directory for where to send Sponsor Forms in the Recruitment Calendar & Contacts document, located in the library.

Anchor Girl

The Anchor Girl program enables Delta Gamma collegians and alumnae to register their legacies under the age of 16 with Executive Offices.

Delta Gammas are encouraged to talk to Anchor Girls about how Delta Gamma has been meaningful in their lives. Delta Gammas are welcome to take their Anchor Girl to a Delta Gamma event, such as an Anchor Splash®, or arrange for her to visit a collegiate chapter. Anchor Girls receive a birthday card up to their 16th birthday.

Click here to register a legacy for the Anchor Girl program.

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