A Message to Delta Gamma Parents, Families and Support Systems

Welcome to the Delta Gamma family. As a member of our Fraternity, your daughter is joining an organization dedicated to promoting high ideals of friendship, educational and cultural interests, a true sense of social responsibility and developing the best qualities of character.

We invite you to learn more about Delta Gamma's history and founding at Our Story and to flip through the Delta Gamma Family Guide, available in English and Spanish. It will introduce you to resources and information that will help you better understand the foundation of our organization.

A Note to Parents:

Our Fraternity values the involvement of the friends and family of Delta Gamma members. However, on matters of membership status, Honor Board or discipline issues, certain financial issues and housing contracts, we may only provide details to the collegian in order to maintain a member's right to privacy. Our discipline processes, known as Honor Board, are confidential and require direct contact with the Delta Gamma member. Sometimes our members choose not to share all information with their parents, and we respect their choice and their privacy.

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