Our Programs

Our sisterhood is built on the key values of friendship, educational and cultural interests, social responsibility and character.

Because of our thirst for knowledge, dedication to "Doing Good" and commitment to the personal development of our members, Delta Gamma has developed a series of programs to help members identify and accomplish their goals and aspirations.

Delta Gamma Living Carefully Series

In accordance with our Risk Management Philosophy, we seek to educate collegians on making good, safe and careful choices. The Living Carefully Series launched in fall 2015 thanks to a grant from the Delta Gamma Foundation, with two programs that educate using tangible examples and programming:

Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP):
ASTP teaches our members realistic and safe alcohol practices and is offered to chapters on a three-year rotation. If you are an alumna interested in serving as a facilitator, complete the ASTP Interest Form to express your interest!

Mock Trial Program:
We want to help our members understand the kind of legal ramifications that both they and the Fraternity could face should they make a poor choice. Do you have experience as a trial attorney? Please complete the Mock Trial Facilitator Interest Form to let us know!

Anchored in Courage

This program was developed to encourage social responsibility and help promote human dignity, while ultimately supporting each Delta Gamma's efforts to live the Fraternity's values. The program includes a Human Dignity Workshop, which is also part of our new member program. Additionally, The Courage Award recognizes members, new members and higher education professionals who find the courage to stand up to protect their dignity and/or that of others.

Hope Serving

Hope Serving is a service learning experience that offers both collegiate and alumnae Delta Gammas the opportunity to develop as leaders on a local, regional and (inter)national level. It is a trip that encourages learning and critical thinking through hands-on service, community involvement and civic and social justice education. 

Lewis Institute

The Lewis Institute is a values-based leadership experience focused on educating Delta Gammas on how to lead their chapters with integrity. Delta Gamma invites collegiate chapters to send one woman to The Lewis Institute. She should:

  • Be a second-year collegiate member in good standing.
  • Demonstrate a commitment toward authentic leading.
  • Show a desire to further enhance her leadership potential.
  • Intend to hold or currently hold a chapter or Panhellenic leadership position.

Attendees will leave with an action plan to influence positive change. 

Connect with Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma has two new ways to connect with you no matter where you are!

DG Talks is a podcast featuring a new topic each month. Here is a direct link to download and listen today!

PRO Program

PROs are a special group of Delta Gamma alumnae who volunteer their time as resources for the Fraternity. They are accomplished women who share their professional areas of expertise with Delta Gamma members.

Use the PRO Information Sheet housed in our library to learn more about this program and see who is available to speak.

Use the PRO Request Form for Collegiate Chapters or PRO Request Form for Alumnae Groups if you want to schedule a visit.

If you know a Delta Gamma who would make a great PRO, send us a recommendation.

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