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Document Title Privacy
"Do Good" Week Participation Guide
2019-2020 Schedule of Dues and Fees
Academic Professional Status (APS) Resource
Adviser Plan (New) Step 1: Getting Started DG 101
Alumna Initiate Handout
Alumna Initiate Statement of Obligation
Alumnae Alcohol Responsibilities Guide
Alumnae Group Membership Toolkit
Alumnae Group Merger Checklist
Alumnae Group Revitalization, Merger and Disbandment Processes
Alumnae Group Welcome Packet
Alumnae Membership Review Process
Alumnae Officers Manual
Anchorbase greekbill Integration: Visual Guide
Anchorbase/greekbill Integration Guide
Anchored in Panhellenic Resource Guide
ASTP Terms & Conditions
ATA Winter Session Bulletin of Information
Be Her Champion Worksheet
Behavioral Threat Assessment Rubric
Blood Alcohol Content Chart
Branding Guidelines
Budget Preparation FAQs
Budget Template: Quarter Terms
Budget Template: Semesters
Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) Example
Changing of the Tides: Slating, Elections and Transitions (SET)
Chapter Anniversary Planning Handbook
CMT Planning Tool 2019-2020
Collegiate Chapter Officers Manual (CCOM)
Collegiate Chapters List
Collegiate Finance Handbook
Communications Handbook
Comprehensive List of Individual Alumnae Award Winners
Convention 2020: Bulletin of Information
Convention 2020: FAQ and Helpful Information
Convention 2020: Schedule for Attendees
Council Position Descriptions
Crisis Management Quick Reference
Culture of Care
Dedication Ceremony
Deferred Primary Recruitment Chapters
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Collegiate Chapters - BRIEF VERSION
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Collegiate Chapters - FULL VERSION
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Collegiate Chapters - Graphic
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Collegiate Chapters - Single Pages Graphic
Delta Gamma Guide to Abbreviations
Delta Gamma Leadership Contact Directory
Delta Gamma Terminology Cheat Sheet
DG Style Guide
DG Style Guide Chapter Names
Email Signature Style Outline
Employment Committee and House Director Checklist
EO Department Descriptions
Etiquette Handbook
Etiquette Pocket Guide
EVC Directors: New for 2020
Event Expense Report Instructions
Event Guidelines: Collegiate Checklist
Event Guidelines: Social Event Planning Guide
Event Guidelines: Summary and Intended Purposes of the Event Guideline Waivers
Executive Offices Staff Photo Directory
Farewell to Our DG Sister: Memorial Ceremony
FMC Resource Information
Foundation: Alumnae Chapter Giving Program
Foundation: Alumnae Service, Awareness & Fundraising FAQ
Foundation: Anchor Splash® and Anchor Games Handbook
Foundation: Anchors Away Activity Guide with Foundation Awareness
Foundation: Board of Trustees Selection Criteria
Foundation: Collegiate Service & Awareness FAQ
Foundation: Disability Etiquette Guide
Foundation: Expense Report FAQs
Foundation: Expense Report Instructions
Foundation: Foundation Focus
Foundation: Foundation-Fraternity Programs
Foundation: Golden Anchor Program Handbook
Foundation: Governance Resource
Foundation: Joining Forces Handbook
Foundation: Lectureships in Values and Ethics Toolkit (Including Evaluations)
Foundation: Navigating Your Merit-Based Scholarship Application
Foundation: Tables That Bloom Resource Guide
Foundation: Visionaries FAQ
Fraternity & Foundation Volunteer Position Description Handbook
FSPAC 2020 Letter
Greekbill Quick Reference Links
GreekLifeEdu New Member Information Handout
Hearts Behind the Anchor Prep Week
Hearts Behind the Anchor: Roommate Worksheet
Honor Board Handbook
Hope Serving Informational Presentation
Hope Serving Registration Guide
House Corporation Employment Committee Handbook
House Corporation Handbook
House Corporation Operations Manual
House Director Handbook
Housing and Fraternity ACH Guide
Housing Guide to Renovations
How to Plan an Alumnae Training Day
How to Update your Anchorbase Roster
Human Dignity CMT Debrief Worksheet
Human Dignity Worksheet
JCMT Quick Guide: director of DG Dialogues
Kelly & Becca: Raising Respectful Humans
Lost Sisters
Mental Health Resource Guide
MJ Insurance Leadership Orientation Packet
Mock Trial FAQ
Model Bylaws for Housed Delta Gamma House Corporations
Model Bylaws for Unhoused Delta Gamma House Corporations
National Hazing Prevention Week - Human Dignity Promise
New Member Pursuit Facilitator Guide
New Member Pursuit Notebook
Not Anymore Information Sheet
NPC Manual of Information (MOI)
OTS 2019 Schedule
Parent Guide / Family Guide
Past Conventions - Years and Locations
Positional Statement on Campus Security Authorities with Sample Statement
Recruitment Confidential: Conversation Manual
Regional Collegiate Recruitment Specialist Handbook
Regional Facebook Groups
Rescheduled Initiation FAQ
Rituals Handbook
Room Search Guidelines
Scholarship Handbook: DG Smart Guide
The Shield
Think Anchor Deep Handbook
Transfer Student Affiliation FAQ
Un Guía para la Familia (Family Guide - Spanish Version)
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