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2017 PPD Award Application
2017 PPD Award Instructions from Council
2018 Collegiate Advisory Board Application
5th Year Alumna Status Request Form
Academic Professional Status Request Form
ADC Transition Form
Adviser Assessment Form
Adviser Summary: Affiliation Transfer Students
Alumnae Initiate Application
Alumnae Initiate Sponsor Form
Alumnae Initiate Voting Form
Alumnae Training Day Report
Awards: Collegiate & Professional Courage Award Application
Background Check Release Form
Badge Order Form
Big/Little Promise Form
Cabinet/Foundation Event Waiver
CCE Form
Chef Job Description
Client Check Request
Collegiate Emergency Telephone Contacts Form
Collegiate Officer Monthly Report Form
Committee Application
Committee Minutes Form
Conflict of Interest Statement
Cook Job Description
Council Nomination Form Link
Council Nominee Information and Interest Sheet
Delta Gamma Event Guideline Form - Events without alcohol
DG Driver Agreement (no alcohol)
DG Driver Agreement (no alcohol) Event Sign Up spreadsheet
Direct Deposit Form
Disbursement Request Form
Early Alumnae Status (EAS) Request Packet
Employee Information Form
Employee Separation Form
Envelope Request
Event Guidelines: BYOB Waiver
Event Guidelines: Security Waiver
Event Guidelines: Venue Waiver
Event Roster
Expense Report Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
Facilities Agreement
First Report of Injury Form
Foundation: Anchor Grant: Natural Disaster Application
Foundation: Anchor Grant: Personal Emergency Application
Foundation: Awards and Recognition
Foundation: Board of Trustees Nomination Form
Foundation: Board of Trustees Self-Assessment Skills-Experience Form
Foundation: Brick Order Form
Foundation: Director: Alumnae Service
Foundation: Director: Collegiate Service
Foundation: Funding A Merit-Based Scholarship or Fellowship
Foundation: Fundraising Finance Report Form - Alumnae
Foundation: Fundraising Finance Report Form - Collegiate
Foundation: Lectureship Evaluation for Collegians and Alumnae
Foundation: Lectureship Representative Evaluation Form
Foundation: Sisters Helping Sisters: Need-Based Scholarship Information
Foundation: Tribute Gift Donation Form
Fraternity Expense Report
Fraternity Expense Report FAQs
Fraternity Expense Report Instructions
Fraternity Job Application
FSPAC Fundraising Letter 2017
Graduate Student Collegiate Status Form
Honor Board Letters: Automatic Probation Notification (APN)
Honor Board Letters: Formal Hearing
Honor Board Letters: Notification of Recommendation Absent Member
Honor Board: Formal Hearing Minutes
Honor Board: Meeting Minutes
House Corporation Summary Timesheet
House Director Job Description
House Director Performance Review
Housekeeper Job Description
Housing Employment Application
Housing Expense Report
Housing Insurance Waiver
Housing Request for Policy Waiver
Housing Waiver - Assistance Animal
Housing Waiver - House Director Pet
Housing Waiver - Service Animal In Training
Housing Waiver - Service Animal Waiver
i-9 form
Independent Security Contract
J. Brandt Return/Repair Form
Kitchen Helper/Server/House Staff Job Description
Maintenance Worker Job Description
Married Collegiate Status Form
Medical Waiver
Member Inquiry Form
Member Transfer Form
Mock Trial Request Form
Office Max Discount Card
One Student Financial Assistance Form
Photo/Video Release
PRO Recommendation and Application Process
PRO Request Form
RCS Pre-CDC Visit Form
Regional Director Calendar
Relationship Statement Between House Corporations and Collegiate Chapters
Resignation of Membership
Resignation of New Membership
Reverse Affiliation Form
RFS Pre-CDC Visit Form
RHS: Pre-CDC Visit Form
Rituals Order Form
Rituals Standards Order Form
Security Guard Job Description
Sponsor Form
Statement of Obligation
w-9 Form
w4 form
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