Housing Office

Delta Gamma's Office of Housing supports the work of local house corporations, the Fraternity Housing Corporation and the Fraternity Management Corporation.

More information and resources, including tools, handbooks, forms and reports can be found in the public library. Other resources outside of Delta Gamma include:

In addition to its internal support, Delta Gamma partners with MJ Insurance.

MJ Insurance is a company that specializes in writing property and casualty insurance programs for women's fraternities, sororities and professional fraternal organizations on college campuses. Delta Gamma has a long-standing relationship with MJ Insurance and we invite you to learn more about the company.

Fraternity Insurance Policy

The insurance coverage Delta Gamma provides is for property owned by the Fraternity, collegiate chapters and house corporations. It does not cover an individual member's personal property such as automobiles, electronics, computers, clothing or other personal items. Each member should have renter's insurance, automobile insurance and/or her family's homeowner's insurance policy in place to respond in the event of damaged or stolen items.

Liability Insurance

Delta Gamma also has liability insurance for third parties. This provides coverage for guests who come on the property with coverage in the event of an accident. This policy protects Delta Gamma collegiate chapters, house corporations and alumnae groups as entities. It does not cover individual members for illness or injury sustained on the property. Each member should have her own health insurance coverage in place for those situations.

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