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  • Delta Gamma uses the term Fraternity because the word is derived from the Greek derivative "phratres" meaning "groups of people with similar interests" as compared to the Latin "phratria" meaning "brotherhood."
  • In 1928 the name Delta Gamma became a registered trademark after the settlement of a long time dispute with a large high school sorority of the same name.
  • Two of our founders, Mary Comfort Leonard and Anna Boyd Ellington, were school teachers.
  • The official anchor recognition pins may be worn only by members of Delta Gamma.
  • There may be no endorsement, promotion or fostering of political, sociological, or ideological ideas or issues by members, chapters, or associations, either within or in the name of Delta Gamma Fraternity.
  • In 1881, Delta Gamma offered a bid of membership to the wife of President Garfield; however, the President was assassinated before she could reply.
  • The very first Convention attended by a Founder was the 1909 Convention where Eva Webb Dodd, Mary Comfort Leonard and George Banta were in attendance.
Mother Chapter:
  • The minutes of September 1879 from the mother chapter proposed a house fee of 35¢, an Initiation fee of 50¢, and a rule that no one under thirteen years of age should be admitted to the club.
  • In 1889 a delegation was sent to Oxford to investigate the condition of the mother chapter. They recommended the withdrawal of the charter.
  • Blanche Garten, Fraternity President from 1902-05, reestablished contact with the members of the mother chapter which had been lost for almost a decade.
Other Collegiate Chapter Facts:
  • During the first decade of the Fraternity's existence, Omega chapter had to acquire a secret mailbox because other Greek ladies were stealing their Delta Gamma mail.
  • The Candle Lighting ceremony we use at Founders Day was introduced by Eta chapter at the 1930 Convention.
  • The first complete Initiation ceremony was written in 1925 by several women from Kappa chapter.
  • In May of 1927 Delta Gamma returned to Oxford, MS with the chartering of Alpha Psi chapter at the University of Mississippi.
  • When Alpha Psi chapter was reinstated in 1938, Mary Comfort Leonard was present to initiate her granddaughter Mary Elizabeth Leonard.
  • The oldest collegiate chapter in continued existence is Eta chapter located at the University of Akron in Ohio.
  • The state with the most collegiate chapters is California with 18 chapters. The state of Ohio ranks second with ten collegiate chapters.
  • Beta Tau chapter at University of Miami (Florida) held the first Anchor Splash® in 1966, honoring the 20th anniversary of the chapter's founding.
  • Preferential bids and pledge quotas were first used by the college Panhellenic in 1933.
  • No woman may be invited to a final party or pledged without a signed Sponsor Form.
  • Every woman for whom the chapter has received a voluntary Sponsor Form is to be invited to at least one party provided the party schedule and Panhellenic rules make it possible.
  • With the exception of the advisers designated in the Handbook for Recruitment, there shall be no direct contacts with respect to membership selection between the collegiate and alumnae members.
  • The original words to the song "Hannah" were written by the collegians in Alpha Delta chapter in the mid 1920s.
  • "Hannah" is not a Raggedy Ann doll. The original was a pigtailed blond wearing a short skirt and a sailor blouse. No one knows when the Raggedy Ann doll became the symbol for Hannah.
George Banta:
  • Delta Gamma does not have a brother fraternity although we do have close historical ties with Phi Delta Theta, since George Banta was a former national president of that fraternity.
  • George Banta was the only man ever to be initiated into the Fraternity.
  • The first Delta Gamma to be initiated north of the Ohio River was Lillian Vawter, fiancée of George Banta. She was initiated by George Banta.
  • The oldest alumnae chapter in continued existence is the Lincoln, Nebraska chapter.
  • The state with the greatest number of alumnae is California with 15,665 members.
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