Which region is mine? Refer to this regional map (a pdf) to see in which Delta Gamma region you reside.

licensed_vendor_logo.jpgI would like to shop for DG merchandise. How do I find a licensed vendor? Do I need to use one?
In an effort to promote Delta Gamma Fraternity in a positive light at all times, Delta Gammas must purchase Greek merchandise only from the approved list of licensed vendors. These vendors pay royalties to Delta Gamma for the opportunity to manufacture products bearing the Fraternity's name, and this revenue benefits Delta Gamma each year.

SHOP Anchor Market Place now where you will find DG licensed vendors.
Click here for more information about licensed vendors.
Click here to find a Delta Gamma licensed vendor.
For more information, read: No Seal No Deal

How do I order Fraternity jewelry?
Shop Anchor Market Place here and click on J. Brandt Recognition, the official Delta Gamma jeweler. (Click on the Delta Gamma link to find badges and other jewelry.)

If you prefer to order an official badge using a check, visit myDG (a login is required) and download the Individual Badge Order Form as a pdf.

How do I get to Executive Offices?
Click here for a map and instructions.

I am a member of Delta Gamma. Can I get my member number?
Yes; contact Executive Offices at 614.481.8169 or email Be prepared to provide your chapter of Initiation, maiden name (if applicable) and date of graduation.

How do I notify EO of a change of name or address?
Email Executive Offices at or call 614.481.8169 and provide  your change of name/address.

If you are registered user of myDG, go to the "Resources for Everyone" container and select "Change Personal Information at Executive Offices." EO will be notified and your official record will be changed. If you are not a registered user of myDG and wish to register, follow the directions upon clicking on the myDG logo on the home page.

How do I change my myDG log-in and password?
You can change this information through your myDG Profile by logging in to myDG. Click Edit My Page, My Account. There you can reset your information and save it.

How do I make a contribution or a payment?
You may make a tax-deductible contribution to the Delta Gamma Foundation online by clicking here. You may pay your alumna per capita dues to Delta Gamma Fraternity by clicking here. (If you wish to provide an additional non tax-deductible gift to the Fraternity, you may indicate that on the dues form.)

I am searching for something in particular on the DG Web site. How may I find it?
Start with the Site Map (located under Quick Links) which will help you to see the whole picture. Then, you may also try the Search Tool located at the top of every page. Finally, if you still cannot find what you are seeking, email for help.

I am looking for DG friends and networking opportunities. Can I do that on myDG? Being a registered member on myDG means that you can search for and interact with other members who share similar interests, the same city or chapter or even the same career field. For more about myDG, contact

I would like to be a part of myDG. Where do I start?

  • It's simple! Just click on the myDG logo in the upper right hand corner of the Delta Gamma Web site.  
  • To create your myDG account, you’ll need to have your personal email address and a four to ten digit alphanumeric password to begin (a password that is a combination of numbers and letters). Your membership in Delta Gamma will be authenticated by checking a few key details such as your member number, maiden name, chapter and year of Initiation.
  • If you're ready to jump into all the benefits myDG has to offer, you'll want to select "Create My Profile Now."   Here, you'll have an opportunity to confirm or change your contact information with Executive Offices, share some information about yourself, and upload a photo of yourself. 
  • If you'd prefer not be involved with the social networking functions, select "Create My Profile Later."  You'll be taken directly to a standard business page of myDG.  If you decide later that you wish to create a personal page, you can do so at any time by clicking on "Create myDG Page" in the upper left corner of the page.

How do I log in to myDG? 
Click on the myDG logo on the home page of You’ll need your personal email address and password that you selected when you created your account in order to login or you may use your previous anchored area login.  If you have questions, contact for assistance.

Your site doesn't look "right" on my computer; what's the problem? Web experiences can vary from computer to computer and browser to browser due to differing standards among the browsers. Please note: the Delta Gamma Web sites are best viewed using IE8, Google Chrome or Firefox.

revised by SHK Monday, August 06, 2012

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