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Alphabetical List of All Collegiate Chapters and Alumnae Groups

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Click here for a list of alumnae group presidents' e-mail addresses (myDG login required). If you do not see an established alumnae group in your area, contact the alumnae department at or visit here to connect with Delta Gamma's Virtual Alumnae Group.

Click here for a list of collegiate chapter presidents' e-mail addresses (myDG login required).

Note: If your group's information is not correct on the chapter locator map, please complete the Fact Sheet Details form in e-Ops+. (Please allow 24 hours for the change to be visible.)

Acadiana alumnae association
Akron alumnae chapter
Albuquerque alumnae association
Alpha Chi - Pennsylvania State University
Alpha Delta - University of Oregon
Alpha Epsilon - Washington University
Alpha Eta - Whitman College
Alpha Iota - University of Oklahoma
Alpha Kappa - Washburn University
Alpha Lambda - Drake University
Alpha Nu - University of Southern California
Alpha Omicron - Miami University
Alpha Phi - University of British Columbia
Alpha Pi - University of Arizona
Alpha Psi - University of Mississippi
Alpha Rho - Ohio Wesleyan University
Alpha Sigma - University of California, Los Angeles
Alpha Tau - Butler University
Alpha Theta - University of North Dakota
Alpha Upsilon - Southern Methodist University
Alpha Xi - West Virginia University
Alpha Zeta - Lawrence University
Ann Arbor alumnae chapter
Annapolis alumnae association
Arlington alumnae chapter
Athens GA alumnae association
Atlanta alumnae chapter
Auburn Area alumnae association
Augusta alumnae association
Austin alumnae chapter
Bakersfield alumnae association
Baltimore alumnae chapter
Baton Rouge alumnae chapter
Beta - University of Washington
Beta Beta - University of Alberta
Beta Chi - University of Denver
Beta Delta - Colorado College
Beta Epsilon - American University
Beta Eta - University of Texas
Beta Gamma - University of Utah
Beta Iota - Purdue University
Beta Kappa - University of Kansas
Beta Lambda - Gettysburg College
Beta Mu - Bowling Green State University
Beta Nu - Carnegie Mellon University
Beta Omega - Washington State University
Beta Pi - Willamette University
Beta Psi - University of Alabama
Beta Rho - George Washington University
Beta Sigma - University of Maryland
Beta Tau - University of Miami
Beta Theta - Duke University
Beta Upsilon - Oregon State University
Beta Xi - Michigan State University
Beta Zeta - Denison University
Birmingham, AL alumnae chapter
Bloomington alumnae association
Boise alumnae chapter
Boston alumnae chapter
Boulder alumnae chapter
Bozeman alumnae association
Bryan/College Station alumnae chapter
Bucks County alumnae association
Buffalo alumnae chapter
Calgary alumnae association
Central Coast California alumnae association
Central Florida alumnae chapter
Central New Jersey alumnae chapter
Champaign-Urbana alumnae association
Chapel Hill/Durham alumnae chapter
Charleston SC alumnae association
Charlotte Area alumnae chapter
Charlottesville Area alumnae association
Chattanooga Area alumnae association
Chi - Cornell University
Chicago (city) alumnae chapter
Chicago Far West Suburban alumnae association
Chicago North Shore alumnae chapter
Chicago Northwest Suburban alumnae chapter
Chicago South/NW Indiana alumnae association
Chicago West Suburban alumnae chapter
Cincinnati alumnae chapter
Clearwater alumnae chapter
Cleveland East alumnae chapter
Cleveland West Shore alumnae chapter
Colorado Springs alumnae chapter
Columbia, MO alumnae chapter
Columbia-Midlands alumnae association
Columbus alumnae chapter
Cookeville alumnae association
Corpus Christi alumnae chapter
Corvallis-Albany alumnae association
Dallas Day alumnae chapter
Dallas Night alumnae chapter
Dallas North Cities alumnae chapter
Dallas NW Suburban alumnae chapter
Dayton alumnae chapter
Delta Beta - University of Kentucky
Delta Chi - University of California, Davis
Delta Epsilon - University of the Pacific
Delta Eta - California State University, Sacramento
Delta Iota - University of Georgia
Delta Kappa - University of South Florida
Delta Lambda - Mississippi State University
Delta Nu - Northern Illinois University
Delta Omega - William Woods University
Delta Omicron - Morehead State University
Delta Phi - University of California, Irvine
Delta Pi - University of Southern Mississippi
Delta Rho - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Delta Sigma - Auburn University
Delta Zeta - University of Memphis
Denton Area, TX alumnae association
Denver alumnae chapter
Des Moines alumnae chapter
Desert Empire alumnae chapter
Detroit North Suburban alumnae chapter
Detroit West Suburban alumnae chapter
DFW Area alumnae association
Diablo Valley alumnae chapter
East Bay alumnae chapter
Edmonton alumnae chapter
El Paso alumnae association
Epsilon - The Ohio State University
Epsilon Beta - Bucknell University
Epsilon Delta - Washington and Jefferson College
Epsilon Epsilon - Tennessee Technological University
Epsilon Eta - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Epsilon Gamma - University of Virginia
Epsilon Iota - University of California, San Diego
Epsilon Mu - College of William and Mary
Epsilon Nu - James Madison University
Epsilon Phi - Loyola University
Epsilon Pi - University of Connecticut
Epsilon Psi - Rutgers University
Epsilon Sigma - San Diego State University
Epsilon Theta - University of Tampa
Epsilon Xi - Lafayette College
Epsilon Zeta - Loyola Marymount University
Eta - University of Akron
Eta Alpha - Pepperdine University
Eta Beta - University of Hartford
Eta Delta - University of North Florida
Eta Eta - Spring Hill College
Eta Gamma - Texas A&M University
Eta Iota - University of Nevada, Reno
Eta Kappa - North Carolina State University
Eta Lambda - New Mexico State University
Eta Mu - Lake Forest College
Eta Nu - Hofstra University
Eta Omicron - University of Arkansas, Fort Smith
Eta Pi - DePaul University
Eta Rho - University of California, Merced
Eta Sigma - College of Charleston
Eta Theta - Saint Louis University
Eta Xi - University of Texas, Tyler
Eta Zeta - University of Chicago
Eugene alumnae association
Evansville alumnae chapter
Fairfield-Westchester alumnae chapter
Fargo alumnae association
Fort Bend County alumnae association
Fort Myers Area alumnae chapter
Fort Wayne alumnae chapter
Fort Worth alumnae chapter
Four Corners alumnae association
Fredericksburg Area alumnae association
Fresno alumnae chapter
Ft Lauderdale/Broward County alumnae chapter
Gainesville alumnae association
Gamma - University of California, Berkeley
Gamma Alpha - University of Tennessee
Gamma Beta - University of Tulsa
Gamma Chi - California State University, Long Beach
Gamma Epsilon - Kent State University
Gamma Eta - San Jose State University
Gamma Iota - DePauw University
Gamma Kappa - University of California, Santa Barbara
Gamma Lambda - California State University, Fresno
Gamma Mu - Florida State University
Gamma Nu - University of North Texas
Gamma Omicron - Indiana State University
Gamma Phi - Arizona State University
Gamma Pi - Roanoke College
Gamma Rho - Wittenberg University
Gamma Sigma - University of Houston
Gamma Tau - Texas Christian University
Gamma Theta - University of Florida
Gamma Upsilon - Wichita State University
Gamma Xi - Texas Tech University
Gamma Zeta - Louisiana State University
Glendale/Burbank alumnae chapter
Grand Forks alumnae association
Grand Rapids alumnae chapter
Greater Fort Smith Area alumnae association
Greater Kansas City alumnae chapter
Greater Little Rock alumnae chapter
Greater Louisiana alumnae chapter
Greater Naples alumnae chapter
Greater Palm Beaches alumnae association
Green Valley alumnae hope group
Greensboro-High Point alumnae association
Grosse Pointe alumnae chapter
Hartford alumnae chapter
Hattiesburg alumnae association
Honolulu alumnae chapter
Houston After Five alumnae chapter
Houston alumnae chapter
Houston Bay Area alumnae association
Houston Northeast alumnae chapter
Houston Northwest alumnae chapter
Houston-Montgomery County alumnae chapter
Huntsville alumnae association
Indianapolis alumnae chapter
Inland Empire alumnae association
Iota - University of Illinois
Ithaca alumnae chapter
Jackson alumnae chapter
Jacksonville alumnae chapter
Joplin Regional alumnae association
Kappa - University of Nebraska
Katy/West Houston alumnae association
Kent alumnae chapter
Knoxville alumnae chapter
L.A. Westside alumnae association
La Canada-Flintridge alumnae association
Lafayette IN alumnae association
Lambda - University of Minnesota
Las Vegas alumnae chapter
Lawrence alumnae association
Lehigh Valley alumnae association
Lexington alumnae chapter
Lincoln alumnae chapter
Long Beach alumnae chapter
Long Island Night alumnae association
Long Island-North Shore alumnae association
Louisiana North Shore alumnae association
Louisville alumnae chapter
Lubbock alumnae chapter
Madison Area alumnae association
Maine alumnae association
Mansfield alumnae hope group
Marin County alumnae association
Maryland Suburban alumnae association
Memphis alumnae chapter
Merced alumnae association
Miami alumnae chapter
Middle Georgia alumnae association
Midland alumnae association
Milwaukee alumnae chapter
Minneapolis-St Paul alumnae chapter
Mississippi Delta alumnae association
Mississippi Gulf Coast alumnae association
Missoula alumnae chapter
Mobile alumnae association
Monterey Bay alumnae association
Morehead alumnae association
Morgantown alumnae association
Mu - University of Missouri
Muncie alumnae association
Nashville alumnae chapter
New Albany alumnae association
New Orleans alumnae chapter
New York City alumnae chapter
Newport-South Coast alumnae chapter
Norman alumnae chapter
North Orange County alumnae chapter
Northeast Mississippi alumnae chapter
Northeast Wisconsin alumnae association
Northern Colorado alumnae chapter
Northern Nevada alumnae chapter
Northern Virginia alumnae chapter
Northwest Arkansas alumnae chapter
Nu - University of Idaho
Oklahoma City alumnae chapter
Omaha alumnae chapter
Omega - University of Wisconsin
Omega Omega - Test University
Omega Omega Alumnae
Omicron - Adelphi University
Oxford, MS alumnae association
Palo Alto alumnae chapter
Palouse Area alumnae association
Pasco-Kennewick-Richland alumnae association
Pensacola Area alumnae association
Phi - University of Colorado
Philadelphia Suburban alumnae chapter
Phoenix alumnae chapter
Pi - University of Montana
Pittsburgh alumnae chapter
Pittsburgh South Hills alumnae chapter
Ponte Vedra Beaches alumnae chapter
Portland Suburban alumnae chapter
Raleigh/Cary alumnae association
Rho - Syracuse University
Richmond alumnae chapter
Roanoke Valley alumnae chapter
Rochester New York alumnae chapter
Sacramento alumnae chapter
Saint Louis Area alumnae chapter
Saint Petersburg alumnae association
Salem alumnae association
Salt Lake City alumnae chapter
San Antonio alumnae chapter
San Diego alumnae chapter
San Fernando Valley alumnae chapter
San Francisco alumnae chapter
Sandhills alumnae association
Santa Barbara alumnae chapter
Sarasota alumnae chapter
Savannah alumnae association
Seattle Area alumnae chapter
Sigma - Northwestern University
Silicon Valley alumnae chapter
So CA Blind Childrens Center alumnae chapter
South Bay alumnae chapter
South Bend-Mishawaka alumnae association
South Orange County alumnae chapter
South Sound alumnae association
Southeast Iowa alumnae association
Spokane alumnae chapter
Springfield (MO) alumnae association
Stockton alumnae association
Stuart alumnae hope group
Summit-Westfield alumnae chapter
Sun City alumnae hope group
Syracuse alumnae chapter
Tallahassee alumnae association
Tampa alumnae chapter
Tau - University of Iowa
Temecula-Fallbrook alumnae association
Terre Haute alumnae association
Theta - Indiana University
Theta Beta - Case Western Reserve University
Toledo alumnae chapter
Topeka alumnae chapter
Toronto alumnae association
Tri-Cities (TN) alumnae association
Tucson alumnae chapter
Tulsa alumnae chapter
Tuscaloosa alumnae association
Tyler/Longview alumnae association
U.K./London alumnae association
Upstate Carolina alumnae chapter
Vancouver BC alumnae chapter
Victoria, BC alumnae association
Virginia Tidewater alumnae chapter
Virtual Alumnae Group - Anchored Away
Walla Walla alumnae association
Washington DC alumnae chapter
Western North Carolina alumnae association
Wichita alumnae chapter
Williamsburg/Peninsula alumnae chapter
Williamson County TX alumnae association
Wilmington alumnae association
Wilmington NC alumnae association
Wood River Valley alumnae association
Xi - University of Michigan
Youngstown alumnae hope group
Zeta - Albion College
Zeta Alpha - Villanova University
Zeta Chi - University of Delaware
Zeta Delta - University of Rochester
Zeta Epsilon - Santa Clara University
Zeta Eta - Texas State University, San Marcos
Zeta Gamma - University of Richmond
Zeta Iota - Chapman University
Zeta Lambda - University of California, Riverside
Zeta Nu - University of Montevallo
Zeta Phi - Harvard University
Zeta Psi - Salisbury University
Zeta Rho - Ohio University
Zeta Sigma - Northern Kentucky University
Zeta Theta - Columbia University
Zeta Upsilon - Furman University
Zeta Xi - University of Alabama, Birmingham
Zeta Zeta - Boston University

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